A journey to freedom

New day tomorrow

Now its 11:30 pm and the last costumer is just about to finish his meal. Sierra cleans up after and collects her too then changes into her clothes and leaves for the bus stop. As she is waiting for the bus, her eyes dance around the road to get a little glimpse in everybodys lives; theres a woman holding hands with a man and drinking milkshake with her other hand. Then theres a single mom with a toddler and she is buying him his favorite ice cream just so he could stop creating a scene on middle of the road. Then her eyes landed on a girl… ”Wait, thats Jade! ” She thought to herself. Jade was her old neighbor and a childhood friend of hers before she moved out to a different area. Sierra tried to wave and get her attention from across the road, after a couple fails, Jade finally notices and crosses the road to meet her.

”Omg hi! You look very different ” Sierra says in a surprised tone.

”Well, I hope in a good way ” Jade responds while giggling.

”Haha, of course in a good way. What are you up to nowadays? ”

”Oh, I became a bar dancer. It pays real good ”

”Oh… Aren you like, underage for it though? ”

”Girl, what world are you living in? Fake IDs are the way to go and also, I don sleep with guys. I just dance and get my 5k check every month ”

”5k!? ”

Sierra was so astonished by the money and just for dancing? It is not a bad deal at all. Sierra and Jade talked for while before finally parting their ways. In the bus, she kept thinking about the job and how her life would become so easy. 5k a month and she could pay for everything without a worry also not forgetting how easy would it be for her to save up money if her mothers health becomes bad again. While thinking of all these things, Sierra picks up some food and heads towards the hospital to check on her mom. She enters the ward and places the chair beside her bed.

”Finally, you are here ” Jolene asks in a low voice.

”How are you feeling ” Sierra asks with a warm smile.

”I am good, but I have a headache and my arm is not quite good ”

”It will get better ”

”I want to go home, this feels like a prison ”

”One more day then I will bail you out ”

Jolene chuckles, Sierra then proceeds to feed her warm fish and and soup. Ending the meal with couple of fruits and then feeding her medicines. It was now 12:15 am and she still has to pick Jenny up from aunt Falene, eat dinner and finish her homework.

Sierra leaves the hospital with an overwhelming feeling, there was always this feeling whenever she visited her mom in there. Something she never really understood neither could avoid. Sierra got so lost in her feelings that she missed her stop and had to walk a mile to get to her aunt. She picked half-asleep Jenny up in her arms and gets to her house. Where she ate dinner, took a shower and completed her homework then finally went to bed at 3:35 am. Doing all while planning that she would visit Jade at her bar tomorrow to get all the details on her new job.

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