Bell rang exactly at 3 oclock and everybody starts packing up, girls are waiting for their friends in the hallway and boys are chanting as they leave their classrooms. Sierra packs her bag and steps into the hallway where Nalene is already waiting for her.

”Hey there ” Nalene joyfully said ”whats up with that sad face? ”

”Nothing, I am just anxious ” Sierra responded

”About what? ”

Before Sierra could respond Nalene interrupts and says

”Oh, I know whats it about. Listen, sir Richard is enough of an old, lazy man who wouldn even go through the steps and give marks based on the correct answers, which by the way I handed out to you. Nothing to worry about, I am sure you will get an A ”

This seemed to put a smile on Sierras face knowing that Nalenes life revolved around these things and she was so unaware of the real world problems. What a lucky bitch she thought to herself.

”Now do you feel a little better ”

”Yes, I actually do. Thanks alot ”

Nalene gave her a smile and waved goodbye. Sierra then went home, changed clothes and heated the food she cooked and freezed over the weekend. She called for Jenny so they could eat together and talk about their day.

”How was your day? ” Sierra asked

”It was good ” she responded ”you know their were two free period because miss Rose was absent, so me and Melanie played, talked and sang. It was so much fun ”. Then she started giggling and continued ”I also had volleyball practice today and coach said that our team will definitely win because of me ”

”Sure they will ” Sierra assured her with a smile as she slides her plate away ad gets ready for her job.

”Ill be so bored today. Mom is also not here ” Jenny sighed

”Ok, so do you want me to drop you at aunt Falenes? ” Sierra asked

”Yes! Will you? ” Jenny asked with a joyous, high pitched voice and her face lit up so quickly.

She loved aunt Falene, and Falene definitely took care of her with alot of love. Like Sierra and Jenny, she had the similar relationship with their mother; Jolene. She loved Jolene for the life of her and often told them ”Jolene was just like Jenny, the same innocence, the same angel smile, the same sparkling black eyes, until your father came her way and stile everything, everything she had in her. He showed her the red flames of burning hell, now she refused to come back and is creating the same hell for Sierra, oh that poor child, oh my little baby ”. And always ended up breaking down at that part. Deep down Sierra always wished that for Falene to be her mother just so she could feel how is it kike to be a child, so unaware of the world cruelties.

Sierra dropped Jenny off at aunt Falenes and went to work. She quickly changed in the restaurants uniform and started cleaning the tables so she could avoid the manager, but as soon as the manager saw her, he marched her way angrily and said

”You requested for an early payment again, can I ask you why? ”

”I am sorry, my mother got a really bad episode of fits last night, I had to ”

”So get an insurance or something, this is not a restaurants responsibility. You risk the chefs payment everytime you do this, you are aware right? ” Manager was now talking in a heavily frustrated voice.

”Yes, I am fully aware ”

”And it has been happening since the last two months, one more late payment to the chefs and theyll resign then the restaurant will be on the shoulders of waitresses like you who cannot even boil speghatti on their own ”

The whole time Sierra kept looking down as if she was ashamed but in reality she was cursing him in her head with every possible curse word she knew.

Manager then takes a deep breath and says

”Look, the next time you need to take an advance payment, just right a resignation letter and leave it on my desk without spitting a word. Ok? ”

”Yes sir ” she agrees then goes back to cleaning and setting tables up. ”I need to look for a new job because if I listen to this bitch yell at me again, I might just kill myself ” she thinks to herself as she is refilling the glass with water.

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