Sierra wakes up from the sound of her alarm busting through the ears. Her body is aching heavily, probably because Sierra had to stay in the hospital uptil three am. But she has an important day ahead , she has to submit an assignment still lying incomplete on her dusty table. Sierra gets up, puts on her usual unpressed uniform. Wakes her little sister; Jenny up, makes her breakfast and packs her lunch then sets off to the bus stop. Jenny looks up to Sierra with her black, sparkly, innocent eyes and says ”I wish I could help you ” & Sierra, with a warm tone responds ”I am very happy that you don have to ” with a motherly smile.

They both get on the bus and on the way to school, Sierra completes her assignment so she won get absolutely eaten by her maths teacher.

Sierra drops Jenny off and kisses her goodbye then gets to her highschool building where she is greeted by her only friend, Nalene. Nalene was a lively girl who enjoyed almost every second of her life. She treated Sierra as her own sister and thus Sierra shared every single thing with Nalene. She was kind of a girl who would try her best to bring a smile on a stressed face so it was not unusual that Sierra enjoyed her company, Sierra also felt as if Nalene didn have the true perception of life and thought about it as a bubbly teen rom-com movie that would always have a ”happy ever after ” at the end. Which was quite opposite of Sierra. Sierra knew all the harsh and cruel things about the world since the age of five, when her father left her and her pregnant mother because he had fallen for another woman. After the birth of Jennifer, her mom became a terrible drug addict. At the age of six she watched the disgusted faces of her aunts and uncles pointed towards her mother and their pitiful love for Sierra. She had no choice but to tolerate their sympathy.

At the age of twelve, she picked herself up and started doing minor jobs like a fast food employee, cashier at a shopping mall, a receptionist at a primary school. Now she is working as a waitress at a fancy restaurant that pays her well, well enough to buy her daily bread and pay the bills. Sometimes when her mom suffers the terrible episode of fits, they pay her wage in advance. Infact, they payed her wage in advance just about last night when her mom went through the usual episode of fits. The only problem is, whenever an advance payment is made, she gets yelled at and as the school day is coming to an end, and the time to get to work is approaching. Her anxiety is starting to take stairs up to the roof.

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