Thandy pov

Im about to go to lunch. When I realize that I have to finish what Im doing. Zizi my colleague and My best friend come to my aid saying

Thandy youve been working since morning without even a tea break I think the supervisor won be mad at you if you take your lunch now

but the manager will kill me if he get here and find that I have not finish my work I replied

ohh Zizi burst out I really hate that man he need to know that you can not force someone to love you ahhh is love by force. But friend I told you we should leave and look for work elsewhere but no you have to stay and be begging that son of a b***h I really hate him

Zizi I commented We been searching for another job for almost six months now but its either we are not hired or they are asking for sex as if we can only be useful as sex tool And you know How I really hate that so Ive decided that the devil you know is better that the devil you don know so we are stuck with Mr evil manager my friend

OKAY Okay friend go to lunch and Ill cover for you and please take your time Mr evil manager won die if he don see you for an hour Zizi replied as she pushed me toward the door

stop it I giggled I still need to get my bag from

the locker

alright you need to go Zizi retorted

As I left the shop I was thinking of what Zizi said that the manager won die if he doesn see me for an hour that voice came again

we both know that he gonna kill you maybe die after that

I was so shocked when I realize that I really has a voice in my head that I was shaking was and lost for a minute when I bumped to someone

I came back to my senses when I was startled and was mumbling Im very so….my voice was caught in my throat when I look up and see the position of stunning appearance

with seductive blue eyes exhibiting charming by looking at me and I found myself drooling as my mouth says mate

woow what did I just say my mind was blank again.

the next moment I was in the wilderness a very beautiful place Ive ever see I was very happy. I was running after butterfly they were blue,white, gold, silver and brown they were so beautiful and grass was so green and there was a huge river not so far away its water was so clean that I couldn stop myself from scooping it with my hands and drunk. The sun was shinning and the sand was so white you will think you are near an ocean

A women was coming from a distance she was so angelic and extraordinary beautiful that I wish I was a man maybe I can pursue her next to her was a silver huge wolf with diamond shape scar right between the eyes that glows so bright that I have to cover my eyes but After some time the light faded

The angelic women commented hey child of the earth I have summoned you here for a very important issue that my children are facing and only you in the entire human population have the purest of heart to do this.

I was really confused who are you and what am I doing here I asked

I am the Goddess af the supernatural and my children have been fighting for a very long time and Ive asked your creator for help and He said only if I can find you and you are willing to help me that hell grant his permission so please my child always keep and open mind and remember innocent lifes are lost each day that this is delayed and only you and your mate can help bring peace on the land in the shadows and all can fall into place before I live Ill ask again please help me you are my last hope my daughter will tell you the details in full be strong courageous and always have faith Ill be by your side never ever forget that and she disappeared

I was still confused after I came forth I screamed come back come back I did not get you name and I don get what you talking about please come back am I death.

Then came a familiar voice saying she is not coming but Im here I can answer your questions

I froze I remembered the only thing Im with here is a huge unusual wolf and it just talked.

Hellow my name is bliss ohh here we go again I thought the wolf said


Then Bliss answered ,I can because you and I share the same mind and body so I really can leave you alone.

Wh..what do you mean I asked scared

youll know soon enough please can you ask mate all your questions and he will be the one who can explain Bliss tried to explain but she was not making any sense.

I was so dumbfounded that I was so scared what the hell is going on .I was so confused right now that I really thought I was dead and Im at another world where thing were different .

I know that you are confused and you should be you are only a human Bliss continued but I will only explain mate only. A mate is soul mate of the supernatural beings as husband and wife in human language now go mate is starting to get worried.

I was slowly waking up when I realize I was unconscious

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