I arrive on OR Thambo international Airport .I really did not want to be here. My father just acquired this mall before he made me alpha king but in this God f*****n country there are no werewolfs or vampires only witches can be found and not that powerful.I tell Xander my beta that we need to go to Carlton Center right away then go to Garden Court hotel to rest for the night then we living first thing in the morning

We arrive at Calton Center not bad I think to myself atleast the place has got class but why will my father want to buy this place I wonder.

immediately after I get down my wolf Xavier excited wiggling his tail I think she is here he say I scoff keep dreaming bud but the is no way the profecy can be true . A human with the younger daughter of the Moon Goddess really

Come to think of it my father never took interest in countries thats werewolfs don resides inn oh my can it be possible told she is here Xavier

interrupt my thought. I have this Joy that I really can hide but will she acknowledge me will she know that I am her mate I guess it time to find out Xavier can you please sense her out no I can but I think that is your job to find her

Trying to remember what my father said, he said ”Alex one day you will met your mate and unlike us all we already know who is your mate the Moon Goddess has answered our prayers to end this war and sent her youngest daughter through a human born today the day of reconciliations ”this holiday was created the day the profecy came to life it was Friday the 13th of August When my future Queen will be born

My father continued she is a human and has to be taught everything about us and you have to win her heart and the day she is fully marked will the Moon Goddess grant her daughter power only then you will be unstoppable and you can stop this war but I will never stop this war after those evil vampires killed my parent gruesome and hang them on the pack borders for everyone to see just because they will not reveal my location. I hate Dracula and his son drag I will never rest until they are dead

Hey Bud I think we are lost Xavier cut inn interrupting my ththough.Then I realize yeah we are lost where are Xander and the warriors.I think we got separated said Xavier and I thought to my self how useless they are if I can get lost while on their watch. Xavier scoff you are the one who got lost and you want to blame others lets continue our search as I come out of my thoughts i bump on to someone and she was so frightened that her eyes were wide open as Xavier was wiggling his tail she said mate lowly that with my ability to hear as a Alpha king I can but I almost could not

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