The way my brother had called out to me back at the house honestly scared me now. He had come at the perfect opportunity but the fact that he had killed the werewolf in the process made me feel as though he was not the same person I knew. Nathaniel was always kind-hearted and after the good of other people. I did not think that he had the heart to kill someone else. I however had to understand that he did it to save the both of us. he did it to save mother who would have been killed by Dad if I continued to rebel.

” Are you guys okay? Nathaniel asked after hours of Running Through the Woods hoping that we were far enough from the alphas men.

Mother, are you okay? he asked turning his attention ttowards mum who was now panting and gasping for air. the distance to which we had run was almost 100 miles. Even though it wasn much for our werewolf nature, I had to remind myself that we hardly did any exercises in our wolf form. Now that we were only running in our human form, I was already feeling like my body was giving up. Here I was, Fresh from the military hoping that I would come back and have some time with my best friend only to find her dead and my psychopath father back into our lives. Could this get any worse?

” Im fine, you got there at the perfect time. And where is Maya mom asks, placing a hand on Nathaniels shoulder. they turned to look at me but my mind is far away still trying to figure out how the hell this was happening.

”Maya is dead, mom! I speak out watching the both of them freeze in horror. there is an undefined silence between us where no one says a word. Nathaniel and mother look at each other and then back at me as they wait for me to rephrase the sentence and say something different.

”W..what? mother Asked in a broken voice.

”Jenny, please tell me you don mean what you just said. Please tell me that it is a mistake and figure of speech. Tell me that Maya is still somewhere. tell me that she isn dead. Tell me that nothing bad happened to her. that she is fine ok and out of harms Way. Nathaniel begs,

Of all of us, I knew that the bond between Nathaniel and Maya had grown. that was the main reason why I was trying to get into the secret room back there. I suspected that there was a Secret held between Nathaniel and Maya. I need answers for her suicide. at this moment, when I look into my brothers eyes, I realize that he holds deep affection and love for Maya. that he could not have hurt her. and that he could not have droven her to her suicide. but is not him, then what exactly made Maya do what she did? What drove her to the point of taking her own life? My hands were already full with the arrival of my dad and now to add salt to injury, the suspicions that I had against my brother were not fertile.

It is now that I realize both of them are still looking at me. they were still expecting a different response. mother had treated Maya like her own blood all of these years. ever since she adopted my best friend in the family, she became a part of us. Maya became family to me. not only a best friend but a sister.

”Jennifer, Nathaniel calls out again after noticing that I was still not ready to talk. My best friend was a sore topic to me. I was still in denial of what had happened. The image of her inside the bathtub water filling up while her body lay there lifeless, its something I would never be able to forget. every time I close my eyes all I see is her. I cannot help but imagine that perhaps her death was not a suicide by a murder. But how then would you explain the high dose of Tylenol that she had taken? I found it in her hands. The only medicine that she used to take to calm her nerves down. Why did she choose to overdose? Why did she choose to do it the day that I was coming home? Did she really not want to see me that bad?

”What did you see? Where is Maya? My mother asks this time, controlling her voice as she took a step forward. My mind runs around the base to would break this news to them. they have been with Maya all this time that I was in the military. they had gotten a better chance to spend time with her alone. to get to know her better. My mum for instance was a therapist. Maya often went for sessions every Friday in her office to talk about her emotions and how she will be dealing with the death of her own parents. I felt so confused. so overwhelmed. I could not even begin to fathom what was going on around me.

I came home, I called out for Maya because she didn come to pick me up at the airport. I speak, ”Why did she not come to pick you up? Maya had been so excited about your arrival since last night, that she could not stop talking about how much he had missed you and the way she waited for you to come home. what happened Jennifer? you
e making the both of us anxious.

she is dead ok? i scream in frustration. ”I came home and they found her in the bathroom lifeless inside the bathtub. her hands were still catching on to the bottle of Tylenol that she had overdosed on. her skin had turned white mum, she was in that water for a long. she was there, inside the quiet house, with no one to stop her from doing what she did.

”Maya killed herself!

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