A System For The Richest

12 Years Old Again

A luxury car approached a tall and dizzyingly high skyscraper called the Zero Central Tower. This would be known as the central edifice for the operations of the top corporation in the world, the Zero Group.

The businesses of the Zero Group spanned from groceries to cars and many more. Business analysts would also say that the Zero Family is one of the pillars for the economy of the United States of America.

In the back of the luxury car, a man with a few grey hair and a young man in his thirties talked and laughed together. The young man even pushed the old man when his face became serious while the old man continued to laugh.

”Whats wrong with setting you up on a date? ” The old man stopped laughing and pulled away the hand on his face.

This old man could be seen in covers of business magazines and in a lot of interviews. His name continued to propagate both in the business world and the current world. The current chairman of the Zero Group and head of the Zero Family would be Charles Zero.

”I am not interested with the woman you set me up with! ” The lips of the young man turned into a frown and his forehead wrinkled.

The young man wore eyeglasses that added more to his calm and intelligent demeanor. His face would be on billboards as one of the handsome men of the previous year. His name resounded more in the business world, Xavier Zero. He bore the title of the CEO of the Zero group.

”You still cannot forget her, right? ” Charles stopped pestering his son as his face became serious and he straightened from his seat.

”Yeah. ” Memories flashed in his mind and tears formed in his eyes.

A young lady appeared on Xaviers mind. She was only around five foot tall but she was the prettiest in his eyes. He met her in the university as he thought she would only be a crush. However, he had never gotten any guts to pursue her. To him, she deserved someone that can protect her without relying to money.

”Have you found her? ” A strong bond between the father and son was really visible with them.

”I found her number. ” Xavier held his phone as he looked at the saved contact. The name Cayetana appeared on the screen with a number XXXX-XXXX.

Xavier tried to move his thumb to the call button but he became scared. He dismissed the idea of calling her and focused on what he needs to do today.

They arrived at the front of the Zero Central Tower. A meeting was set to be held for all of the directors. They would be discussing about a new project for their company.

To Xavier, everything had become monotonous in his life. It didn mean he was unhappy with what he achieved and continued to achieve. There was just a hope and a wish to resolve the regret he has about his past.

Although he could be said to be at the top of the business world, his weak and frail body had always been his weakness. Because of this, he opted out in participating to sports and physical activities when he was studying. There were also times when others teased him for being frail and weak despite being rich.

Xavier shook his head as they entered the meeting hall. The discussion went on and Charles asked his son to oversee this new project. His father talked to him for a bit more before he went home.

Xavier walked toward his personal office while the passing employees greeted him with a bow. This had really become repetitive as his smile had become automatic. He sat on his office chair for awhile as he was deep in thought while holding his phone.

Should I call her? Xavier stared for awhile at Cayetanas contact and the call button.

He mustered up the courage and pressed the call button. However, after five seconds of ringing, thoughts had entered his mind that made him worried. This feeling forced him to press the end call button.

Xavier heaved a sigh of relief. What if she is already married?

Xavier continued to read the proposals and contracts on his desk. He needed to finish all of this work before leaving the office. Once he finished reading and signing these papers, he would be free for the whole afternoon.

A notification appeared in his phone. It was a message from Cayetana.

Xavier clicked the notification that opened the message. ”Hey! You called? ”

There were only a few interactions she had with Cayetana but she could still recall him. They texted each other for awhile.

Xavier decided to pop the question as he typed the words Are you free tonight? on his phone. His thumb trembled as it approached the send button.

Sent. Delivered. Read.

There was no longer a text. His shoulders slumped and he continued on with his work. His actions were slower than usual. He kept on checking the phone every minute but he seemed disappointed each time.

Ting. Xavier heard a notification and hurriedly opened the message. He shouted the word yes after reading Cayetanas reply. His shout resonated even outside his office that shocked his employees. Their boss was usually quiet so this was a change of atmosphere.

Xavier quickly finished signing the necessary documents and left the office wearing a smile, instantly confusing his employees once more. His secretary was just outside the office as she asked the man beside him. ”What did you think happened today? ”

”Hmmm. Considering his status, he must have gotten himself a date. ” The man rubbed his chin as he looked at this departing boss, clenching his fist and jerking it in the air as act of support.

Xavier entered the backseat of the luxury car. ”Bring me to the mall. ”

He was very excited since Cayetana agreed to a date. He waited for this day for almost eighteen years.

Xavier walked to an expensive salon and asked for the most suited hairstyle for him. The stylist focused on making the famous half-up style where there is half bang and the other half is brushed to the side.

Looking at the mirror, Xavier nodded in approval even leaving a hundred dollar tip.

Xaviers next destination was a famous suit store. He looked around at first to find a good suit for him before he conceded and approached the saleslady. ”Can you help me get a best suit for me? Don worry about the cost. ”

The saleslady could sense that their customer is rich and he also looks handsome with eyes like those of a phoenix. She shook her head before getting one of the most expensive suits in the store.

She was right as Xavier didn even bat an eye before buying. His smile reached his ears when he was satisfied of the suit and paid immediately as he also left a tip.

After he finished buying all that he needed, Xavier walked to the backseat of the car and entered. ”To the Shang Restaurant. ”

The luxury car moved along the road and to the path that would lead to the Shang Restaurant. Before taking the curve to the road where the restaurant resides, Xaviers driver saw a car approaching them at high speed. He was unable to react and the cars crashed to each other.

Xaviers vision blurred and turned black. The cars were in a wreck and smoke fumed out of the cars. Ambulance and the police rushed to the scene.




Xavier heard a weird sound similar to a phones notification sound. He tried opening his eyes and he was extremely dizzy. A blue window box appeared in front of his eyes.

[You are selected to become a host of the Lost Grail System]

[Please deposit a billion dollars to activate the system.]

The notification suddenly changed to a new phrase.

[Please deposit all of your money to the system.]

Xavier was half sure that he was being asked for only a billion dollars. However, since he was dizzy, he could not fully trust himself. Fool. If only he knew he should have trusted his eyes.

He was still a bit hesitant to click the word Deposit when another notification appeared.

[You will be able to go back to the past for one billion dollars.]

Xavier was intrigued but he didn want to relive the memories of being teased and bullied. However, another notification showed up once more.

[You will be able to play sports if you go back.]

Xavier felt that he was losing his life force as he clicked the word Deposit and one hundred billion dollars of his net worth had been completely deposited to this system.

Damn, this Lost Grail System could be called a natural scammer.

Xaviers vision had been completely shut off and he felt like he was moving through a tunnel-like structure. Suddenly, a blinding light attacked his eyes as he felt that he was in an extremely familiar place.

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