A System For The Richest

Xavier Received A Notification

A lot of people had regrets in their lives. It was only natural for people to look at their past mistakes and their lack of abilities to get out of their pitiful situations. This was the very reason why the System genre has been very popular recently.

However, what they didn know was that there exists a System in this world but it wasn doing what they think it was doing. For the past years, the death toll reached around nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine. Of course, I wasn telling all of this for the word count to rise.

If these people had found out about this, they would spit their coffee, drop the glass on their hand, and tremble out of anger and spite. This sh*tty system dared to actually make the mankind lose a lot of precious lives? Even as a narrator, I would probably punch it with all I have if the system could be seen.

Calming down would be a better option as there were still a lot to know about this system. These nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred nine people were just potential hosts. They had never booted up the System for even a second!

People would be interested to know why such system had killed its hosts for that many times. Those people combined would already form a city. That would already form one millions views for this novel!


As being discussed, the System actually required a deposit of astonishing amount in order to boot up. The first host was actually a young man and he was orphaned. Sadly, he had been diagnosed with cancer but with chemotherapy there was a chance for him to live. He only needed one million dollars for operation.

His lips formed into a smile when he heard a sound.


The fool… ehem… the young man was actually rejoicing because this was a sign of the System. It was like he was expecting to have a system because he was nearing his death. However, he wasn expecting this message.

[Deposit at least one billion dollars to activate the System. Please save up your money.]

So the young man invested the ten million dollars in his bank account and he freaking lost everything in those crypto coins! He only needed to pay one million dollars for that chemotherapy and he used it all because he wanted to earn that one billion dollars.

He said that one million dollar could turn to one hundred million dollars if he played it well. Dude, you had cancer and let yourself die because of a greedy system! Your one million dollars meant your life. So yeah, that young man died because of cancer.

Oh, there was also this one time that a beggar had received the same notification.

[Deposit at least one billion dollars to activate the System. Please save up your money.]

The beggar was actually smiling and to be honest, I didn know he could read web novels and comics about system. However, he actually felt as though he was possessed by the lord of luck and continued to gamble.

No, the thought running in your reader mind was wrong. He did win a lot of money through gambling. In fact, he was able to amass a million dollars! However, lady luck left him and he died of poverty.

There was also this young college student who was in his third year in a famous university. He literally dropped out of college to start a business because of the notification he received.

[Congratulations for being chosen! Deposit at least one billion dollars to activate the System. Please save up your money.]

His business idea turned out to be great and he had built a company that had a value of only ten million dollars away from being a billion dollars. He didn finish his study so how could he know about stocks? He had ninety nine percent of the companys shares all to his name. The value plummeted to ten million dollars. He died because of one of his employees.

These stories were really infuriating. One could only imagine the stories of those nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety seven people that received the same notification!

Was the system unlucky or these people were unlucky? There was something I searched about systems that they were actually randomly assigned to people. That was being a forsaken system feels like. That damn luck plummeted down more than crypto coins.

There would be a good news for everyone. This system would not be killing anyone anymore but you would probably cry to know who the new host is.

It would be a second generation heir of the Zero Family. His net worth was only around one hundred billion dollars. No biggie.

Also, he was the CEO of the Zero Group and was also a genius in the business world. He was also one of those people who possessed what they call a photographic memory.

So this man wasn just with lady luck. He would probably be deemed the son of lady luck. He was actually scammed by this greedy and sh*tty system.

Xavier only hoped to be able to play sports and this quick witted System showed him a notification.

[Please deposit all of the assets you have.]

They said rich people were more aware of their money. They said the rich knows how to manage their money and their future generation would never have trouble.

But this dude really deposited one hundred billion dollars to the System.

I wouldn want to talk bad about Xavier as he would be the very reason this novel exists.

Let us read how this System actually works and let us bring justice to the nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine people that died because of it.

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