ster Ginny.

And how they had discovered the monster was a Basillisk.

Harry ended his letter with a promise that he would tell her all about it when he got back home.

She felt empty as she read the letter, and clutched it tightly in her grip.

She was angry: Harry was out having these wild adventures, and she was sitting at Privet Drive accomplishing absolutely nothing with her life.

Some signs of her distress must have shown on her face, as her Father stopped her at dinner and asked her what was wrong.

”Nothings wrong. ” She said immediately.

He gave her a knowing glance, and she folded.

”Harrys having so much fun at his school. ” She said. ”I wish… I was I was there. ”

He folded his newspaper and sighed.

”Anya. ” He said. ”You shouldn envy him. You need to live your own life. Being depressed over what he has, and what you don , its not healthy. ”

He was right, she knew.

But when Harry returned that Summer a part of her couldn let go of that feeling.

That she had been missing out, and had been for a long time.

”I can wait to go back. ” He told her, smiling widely.

His Aunt Marge was staying over for a visit at Number Four, and so it was decided that he would be spending the week sleeping over at Anyas house.

Anya, although thrilled at the chance to spend time with him, was becoming disgruntled at just how often he brought up his new friends, his new school, and his new life.

A part of her wondered whether she even mattered anymore.

The two of them were talking an evening walk around the street, as always avoiding walking past Number Four, when a strange thought entered her head.

He looks just like his father.

She turned her head, startled, to see a large black dog, seemingly a stray, sitting in the shadows by one of the house, eyeing them beadily.

If it were an ordinary dog, she very well might have been frightened.

But it wasn .

It was, she could tell, a wizard.

A wizard that knew Harry by sight, but did not want to make his presence known.

”Can wizards turn into animals? ” She asked without thinking.

In a flash the dog had gotten to its feet, turned, and bounded away.

Harry turned to look at her, quizzically.

”Yes. ” He said, surprised. ”My Transfiguration professor can turn into a cat. ”

Anya nodded absentmindedly, as she tried to scan the surrounding area for the dogs thoughts.

They weren hard to find.

The thoughts of the dog were rapid and panicked.

She had called him out seemingly despite being a muggle.

Just who is this girl?

He didn seem to wish her harm.

If anything, he was more concerned for his own safety.

Anya found herself wondering just what his deal was.

”Have you learned anything new about your parents? ”

The question was casual, aimed directly at Harry.

But his was not the answer she was seeking.

The dog was listening to their idle conversation as well, and she hoped that this line of questioning would bring certain thoughts forward that would answer her questions.

”Not really. ” Harry said, his voice gloomy. ”I mean… Hagrid gave me a photo collection that he managed to put together, but I don know… I will never know them. ”

He seemed to be rather upset.

Concerned, she took his hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

Inwardly, however, her mind was sharp.

I miss James every day, Harry. The dog was thinking. I swear to you I will find the one responsible for this.

Was this dog after Voldemort, then?

But wasn he already defeated?

The questions ran wild through her mind.

”If only. ” Anya said, her voice loud and clear. ”There was someone you could talk to who knew them. Really knew them. Like a close friend. ”

If only I could go to him now. The dog lamented. I could… tell him everything.

Then why don you?

Anya thought to herself, frustrated.

What was keeping you?

She had no choice.

”Oh no, I dropped something. ” She told Harry, with a start, as she looked down at her dress. ”Go on ahead, Ill- ”

”We can look together- ”

”No, no, youll just get in my way. ” Anya told him. ”Go back without me, alright? ”

Harry shot her a quizzical look, but she pushed him away and hurried down the street.

She made a sharp turn, and once she was

out of sight she jumped a fence and made her way to where the dog sat, hiding.

It turned to look at her in surprise, and seemed ready to bolt when she shook her head.

”No, don . ” She said.

She sat down and leaned against the fence, staring at her rigidly. ”You
e not a dog, are you? ”

The dog simply stared at her.

”Ive known Harry for a long time. ” Anya said. ”And Ive tried being there for him as much as I possibly could. But Im not…. Im not family to him. ”

She swallowed. ”You are, aren you? ”

The dog stared at her.

Who is this girl?

”My name is Anya Forger. ” Anya said. ”Im Harry Potters best…. ” She hesitated. ”Well, I used to be his best friend. ” She said. ”Whats your name? ”

He was so taken aback by her actions that his name didn even come to mind.

”I don know what your reasons are for staying in hiding. ” Anya said. ”But Harry needs you. He needs you more than he needs revenge for his parents murder. ”

The dog stared at her, and in a fluid movement it turned into a man.

She had to stop herself from screaming.

Standing there was the man they had seen on the TV earlier that day, Sirius Black.

She swallowed, feeling a strong sense of apprehension.

Perhaps she had misread the situation and had put herself in a very poor situation.

”Can you get me to Hogwarts? ” Sirius Black rasped. ”When I go there… I will solve everything. ”

His mind was running so wild with the possibilities that Anya had problems keeping up.

”You can stay with me. ” Anya said. ”We already own a dog, it shouldn be too much trouble. And you can figure out a way to get to Hogwarts and find…. whatever it is you
e looking for. ”

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