A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 8: The Oracle of Order, no Cassandra.

I blacked out.

I was locked up inside my room on top of one of the castles towers as a punishment for the commotion I caused in front of the duke and the crown prince.

The cover of night has already shrouded the world in darkness lit by the bright starry sky.

I stood in front of my window staring at the horizon thinking of the numerous difficulties and obstacles Ill be facing if I follow the original path.

I have lost my life once when I came to this world and that won happen again!

Thats when I decided to grab a pair of scissors from my drawer and used them to cut the bed sheets and the curtains into long pieces that tied together to make a long rope.

I tied the rope with the drawer before tearing the sponge and feathers out of my bed and pillows.

I took the dresses inside the wardrobe and tore them to pieces as well leaving nothing but a large cloak with a hood Wich I wore.

I threw that pile of torn cloth and poured perfume and lamp oil on it before throwing a match I lit on it.

A fire suddenly started and smoke started rising.

Before it even got any bigger I jumped off the window and escalated down the tower using the rope of sheets I made.

Once my foot was on solid ground I ran around kitting up fire in each and ever nook of the castle creating a huuuuge commotion.

The bell started ringing and servants as well as guards started running around trying to turn off the fire.

I on the other hand, took the chance to run away towards the exit as fast as I could.

I laughed as I muttered those words.

I ran toward the exit without turning back once…and when I was finally about to cross about to escape ”He ” appeared.

Startled I stopped and turned toward the source of the voice.

Not so shocked, it was the crown prince standing there looking at me with a ball of light floating around him.

Should I greet him? Or maybe I should just attack him…

I chose to threaten him.

I turned my back and kept running. The prince didn fall back and followed me using his magic to stop me.

He said before blasting me with a mass of light on the back

Did he just…Shoot me?!

I kept running and when I reached the woods o started running between the trees to protect myself from his attacks.

But all of that was useless…

He suddenly launched a ray of golden light that pushed me down.

I injured my knee and couldn stand until he came closer and caught me.

He grabbed my hand and forcefully dragged me with him

I said struggling in his arms.

He tightened his grip around my hands

The hell?! Is he planning on breaking my arms?! I need to do something and quick!

Focus…FOCUS! I need to call my powers and use them.

I released a shock wave pushing the prince away from me.

The crown prince was shocked for a moment that I have awakened magical abilities

He chuckled

I launched another 360 shockwave still unable to control my abilities.

This time he raised a shield of golden light before creating a shiny sword made of magic.

What should I do…That bastards been training since he was a brat on how to use his lineages ability.

I on the other have just came to this world! Not to mention I am partially a witch! His abilities are extremely efficient against my powers.

Yes. He will definitely regret it when I turn into the villainess Satiana from the original!

Hell certainly complain the moment I start going against his sweet girlfriend!

He suddenly launched and attack toward me when it suddenly vanished when whispers covered our surroundings.

I sneared at him I laughed at his face when all his magic was annulled.

He said

Suddenly the whispers intensified and a multitude of cloaked people approached us from the shadows…

That was a serious attack to my conciousness.

But if they are not on his or my side then who in the world are these people…

I told the prince to use his powers and get rid of these wired people

I gathered my force and launched another 360 Shock wave Wich they stopped using some kind of a barrier…

I took a step back When the whispers suddenly intensified.

Suddenly a tree branch sent the prince flying away.

I was shocked by that sight especially when his body collapsed on the ground immobile.

The whispers became even more intense to the point I could hear some strange words that for some reason I understood…

The words kept repeating over and over and over again…

My heart started beating fast for some reason and my ears began ringing

I shouted as the pain intensified more and more

My body started deggaging an omnious aura, I looked at my hands as they radiated a dark purple gleam and my hair turning black.

The whispers intensified more and more to the point I couldn take it anymore

The aura I radiated Exploded into a Dark purple pole of energy rising towards the sky.

And when the energy faded, I was in some kind of a trance.

The feeling of the power and the energy I had at that moment was incredible…no, it was Euphoric!

My hair has turned pitch black it was no longer the silver white hair, symbol of Evanson.

One of the people in the circle approached and removed their hood.

They looked at me straight in the eyes and I could see my reflection on them, my eyes ember irises were shining like the eyes of a beast.

That person said before I suddenly found my self in another place.

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