The sky has turned dark and the sun has been replaced by the moon with stars that adorn the night sky, it is very beautiful. Every eye that sees it will surely be hypnotized by its beauty, just like Ezlyn.

She was standing on the balcony with her head raised looking up at the sky. She saw every star shining brightly as if in a race to show its light.

Ezlyn smiled a little. ”So beautiful, they shine very brightly, ” then Ezlyn leaned forward a little. ”Can you hear me? ” said Ezlyn as if talking to the stars.

She never said this before, but she often talked to the stars as if they could hear her.

You must think that what she did was ridiculous, but only those stars always listened to all her complaints and sorrows. Who else will listen to it? There was no one where she could tell her stories because only Ezlyn and Marlon live in this mansion.

Ezlyn was silent for a moment with her eyes still faithfully looking at the stars. ”You always listen to my sadness. We
e friends, right? Can you help me then? ” asked Ezlyn pitifully.

Yes, she is asking for help from her friends who have been silent witnesses of all the sorrows she has felt so far. She lived in a mansion that was so big and majestic like a palace but she was like living in a golden cage.


Thats all she always got. Everyone who saw her always said that she lived like a queen but in reality, she was nothing more than a maid. In the eyes of Marlon he king she is just a worthless maid who can be treated arbitrarily.

A very cruel king…

But she loves him

”Why are you all silent?! Don I have a chance to be happy?! ” shouted Ezlyn loudly from the balcony. Ezlyn vented all her anger and disappointment, the feelings that she had been keeping in her heart for so long.

Ezlyn was silent then she slowly started laughing. ”I must be crazy… ”

She is very sure, if in your eyes right now she looks like someone who has lost her mind. Shouting shamelessly on the balcony vented all of her anger at the stars.

Ezlyn rubbed her face gently. ”You will never be able to help me and I will never have a chance to be happy, ” said Ezlyn who then walked away from the balcony.

the clock has shown 11:00 pm signaling for all humans on this earth to rest after a day of activities and spending energy. But not for Ezlyn, she is currently in the bathroom with a pair of scissors in her right hand.

Ezlyn put down the scissors and opened a medicine box, taking a bandage and alcohol from the box. Ezlyn turned her palm to see a scratch that was quite deep and wide on her palm.

It was the scratch she had inflicted from the broken glass that accidentally hit her hand the night Marlon pushed her. She thought that the scratch had dried up but it wasn .

Ezlyn opened the bottle of alcohol and then poured it on her palm. ”Ssshh… ” Ezlyn held back the pain from her scratch.

After that Ezlyn blew her scratch and covered the wound with the bandage she had taken and cut it. Now the wound on her palm was completely covered. She put the bandages, scissors, and alcohol back into the medicine box.

Ezlyn walked out of the bathroom with her bare feet walking to a door but Ezlyn suddenly stopped and stood in front of the door. Ezlyn took a deep breath and slowly opened the door.


Ezlyn walked into the bedroom slowly with a frightened expression on her face.

”What are you doing in here? ” asked Marlon coldly, who was on his king-size bed. Yes, Marlon, her husband has been home since an hour ago from the company.

Ezlyn turned around. ”I want to sleep, ” stuttered Ezlyn.

Marlon straightened his body that had previously leaned against the head of the bed. ”Do I let you in? ”

”But… I want to sleep, ” said Ezlyn fearfully.

”DO I LET YOU IN?! ” shouted Marlon loudly making Ezlyn tremble at the sound of Marlon screaming at her.

Ezlyn shook her head. ”N-no… ” Ezlyn said shakily.

Marlon took the pillow beside him and threw it at Ezlyn. ”Then get out of here! ” said Marlon, pointing at the door with his index finger.

This always happens every time Ezlyn enters this bedroom, Marlon always yells and chases her away because Marlon doesn want to sleep with Ezlyn.

Ezlyn raised her bowed head. ”But why? Im your wife. Don you want to sleep with this poor woman? ” said Ezlyn daring to speak to Marlon. Even though Marlon always tortured her but she was still Marlons wife and that gave her the right to speak to Marlon, her husband.

Marlon was silent hearing Ezlyns words with his eyes looking at Ezlyn. ”You already know the answer and I should never marry you in the first place, ” replied Marlon coldly.

At that moment Ezlyns heart seemed to have been pierced by thousands of arrows that hit his heart.

It hurts… it hurts so bad.

”You got the answer, didn you? So Get out of here before I drag you out of here myself, ” said Marlon sharply, completely ignoring Ezlyns feelings.

Without saying anything, Ezlyn took the pillow that Marlon had thrown at her and walked out of the bedroom with her eyes welling with tears, holding back the pain in her heart.

There was the sound of the clock ticking from inside the bedroom where the clock had pointed at 02:00 am. A very late night, when everyone should have slept diving into dreamland but not for the man with a handsome face who was on his bed.

For no apparent reason Marlon suddenly woke up from his sleep, Marlon opened his eyes making him look directly at the wooden cupboard in his bedroom. Marlon removed the blanket that covered half of his body, then got off his bed and walked out of the bedroom.

Marlon descended the stairs with his bare feet until he was downstairs, his bedroom was indeed upstairs with several other rooms. Marlon looked around the mansion which was quite dark, it was because only a few lights were turned on to illuminate some of the rooms in his mansion.

His feet continued to walk until he stopped his footsteps when he was in the television room. His blue eyes looked at a woman who was sleeping on the sofa with a blanket covering half of her legs.

Yes, that woman is Ezlyn.

Marlon just stood there staring at Ezlyns face, he could hear Ezlyns soft snoring then his eyes looked at Ezlyns hand and saw a ring that adorned Ezlyns ring finger.

Their wedding Ring.

He kept staring at the ring without saying anything then walked away from there. He walked to the kitchen and opened his refrigerator.

Marlon took a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator and drank it until there was only half left. Marlon wanted to close the refrigerator door again but something caught his attention.

Marlon took a plate of brownies from the refrigerator and put it on the table, he then sat down at the dining table. Looking at the plate of brownies he had just taken from the fridge. His hand then took a spoon that was on the dining table, he cut the brownies with a spoon and then ate the brownies.

Marlon chewed the brownie. ”Its sweet… ” said Marlon who was silent for a moment. His eyes continued to stare at the plate of brownies then went back to eating the brownies for the next few bites.

Because Marlon likes sweet things, like the brownies his wife has made.

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