The kitchen is Ezlyns favorite place of all the places in this palace-like mansion. Ezlyn will spend hours in the kitchen cooking because Ezlyn likes to cook.

Ezlyn even has many cooking books. Especially in terms of baking. Ezlyn likes to make cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. She had never said this to anyone before but she wanted to have her cake shop.

It was her dream since childhood.

Then whether Ezlyn realized her dream? No, because she can make her dream come true.

As people say, dreaming is something that anyone can do but not all dreams can come true. Because the world doesn always go the way we want it to.

And that is a law of nature.

Just as Ezlyn experienced, she could only keep dreaming… dreaming… and dreaming. So many things she had dreamed of but none of her dreams come true.

Because thats how this cruel world works.

And to treat her sadness over her dreams that never come true, Ezlyn will treat it by making brownies which is her favorite cake.

Just like what shes doing right now. On top of the kitchen bar, there are various kinds of ingredients she needs ranging from flour to eggs. She often makes brownies, even by closing her eyes maybe she is still able to make it.

Ezlyn rolled up the sleeves of the sweater she was wearing. ”Alright, lets get started! ” said Ezlyn with a smile on her face.

Ezlyn began to open the flour and put the eggs, butter, and other ingredients in the blue bowl. And the most important thing in making brownies is chocolate, you must not forget that.

She stirred the dough using a plastic spoon by slowly pouring the milk into the dough. then took a mold, poured the dough into it, and put it in the oven.

Ezlyn turned her back to the kitchen bar with her eyes looking at the oven, watching the brownies she had put in the oven.

Every human being on this earth must have their pleasure and this is Ezlyns pleasure, her way of entertaining herself. Since only she can comfort herself because no one else can.

Ezlyn continues to wait…





Ezlyn immediately smiled after calculating in her heart. She quickly put on her gloves, opened the oven, and took her brownies out of the oven. She took it out of the mold and placed it on a white plate.


Thats how Ezlyn felt right now. She was satisfied to see her finished brownies and then decorated the brownies as beautifully as possible with whipped cream and cherries.

Beautiful, really very beautiful.

Ezlyn tucked her hair. ”This is the prettiest brownie Ive ever made, ” said Ezlyn with a smile that couldn leave her face.

Ezlyn walked out of the mansion with her feet only wearing flip-flops and her hands holding something. She continued walking until she came to a luxurious house that was quite far from her husbands mansion.

Ezlyn raised her hand to press a button beside those brown doors.

Ding… ding… ding… dong…

”Wait a moment! ” said a voice from inside the house.

Not long after that Ezlyn could hear the sound of footsteps from inside the house, Ezlyn took a few steps back to coincide with the door of the house opening slowly. Make Ezlyn saw a beautiful woman with short black hair from behind the door. ”Oh, Mrs. Ryker! ”

Ezlyn smiled. ”Good afternoon Mrs. Hunter, ” said Ezlyn kindly.

Louna Watsons is the name of the woman who opened the door and also the wife of the owner of this luxurious house. Thats why Ezlyn called her Mrs. Hunter.

And Louna is Ezlyns neighbor maybe more accurately the only neighbor that Ezlyn knows because Marlons mansion is in a neighborhood that is quite far from the other houses. In short, Marlons mansion is the only mansion in the neighborhood.

Luna smiled. ”Good afternoon Mrs. Ryker. What are you doing here? ” asked Louna kindly. ”Ah, please come inside. ”

Ezlyn shook her head. ”No need, Mrs. Hunter. I just want to give this to you, ” said Ezlyn who then opened the cover of the plate that she brought.

”Woah, brownies! How beautiful! ” said Louna smiling happily seeing a plate of brownies that Ezlyn brought for her.

Yes, Ezlyn came here to give a piece of the brownies she had made to her neighbor, Louna. Also, this wasn the first time she had talked to Louna.

Louna tucked her hair. ”Did you make it yourself Mrs. Ryker? ” asked Louna.

Ezlyn nodded. ”Yeah, I made it myself. I hope you like it, ” replied Ezlyn.

Louna smiled, then reached out her hand to take the plate from Ezlyns hand. ”Im sure Ill like it Mrs. Ryk– ”

”Aahhh! ” shouted Ezlyn suddenly.

Louna who heard Ezlyns scream was immediately surprised. ”Are you all right Mrs. Ryker? ” asked Louna frantically, then looked at Ezlyns hand. ”Mrs. Ryker, your hand is bleeding! ” said Louna, saw Ezlyns hand was bleeding not much but it looked painful.

Ezlyn immediately grabbed and then covered her hand. ”Ah, thats fine. I just hurt a little while making this brownie. ”

”Are you sure Mrs. Ryker? Your scratch looks quite wide, ” said Louna worriedly. She saw the scratch on Ezlyns palms which were quite long and wide.

Ezlyn nodded. ”Im sure Mrs. Hunter. Im used to getting hurt like this, ” said Ezlyn casually.

”But still, you have to treat it– ”

”Im sorry Mrs. Hunter. I have to go, see you next time, ” said Ezlyn, cutting Lounas words and then walking away from there.

Louna still standing in front of her door with her eyes that saw Ezlyn walking away from her house. ”She looks empty, ” muttered Louna.

Yeah, Louna saw the emptiness in Ezlyns hazel eyes and this was not the first time she saw the emptiness. Previously she had seen Ezlyn standing on the balcony of the mansion with a gaze that looked so empty.

It was as if that gaze was screaming to say…

Save me.

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