The Good and Bad Memories

In the boarding house of the girls, one of the tenants there was so outgoing and would go out at night everytime to date any kind of guys, shes quite a playgirl. One night, she brought her boyfriend, they
e riding in a single bike, however, there were other two boys also who were riding with their single bike too, and they
e following them. And the other strange thing was they were all older men in their 30s to 40s already.

Eva was the name of the girl, and one of the distant relatives also of the priest but her family was capable to pay for their tuition fees on their own, unlike Annes. She begged Anne to let her go out though its already a curfew time since its a festival time in the city that month and days. Anne was hesitant at first, and Eva thought that to prevent any problem, they would bring Anne as well with them. Anne was the one holding the key of the boarding house, so they persuaded Anne to come, until she gave in too, she believed all their lies.

Eva told Anne to back ride to the other guy in his single bike as well, since shes with her boyfriend. So Anne followed her advice too. She rode on the back of the single bike with that unknown stranger. Then, as the bike went faster, the stranger suddenly talked strange things to Anne.

”Do you have any phone? ”, the older guy asked.

”No. I have no phone since its banned in the school because I was a working student there. ”, Anne answered truthfully, as always.

”What if Ill give you a phone, for free! And a money as well! ”

”Why would you do that? And in exchange of what? I won accept anything from you, I don know you either ”, she said sarcastically.

”Why would you not accept it? There were many college students, I knew, in the private, exclusive school who did everything in exchange of money or phones. ”

”But I am not like them. Don compare me to them, I am not a materialistic one or a gold digger. ”

Anne refused his offer and the guy kept on insisting, then, Anne grew irritated and wanted to stop the bike or shell jump to the road.

The stranger grew angry as well, and told Anne, ”You are not a professional kind of woman unlike the others. You were given a chance to receive an opportunity, I am giving you a phone for free and in return you and me could have a relationship already. ”

But he couldn move Anne at all, Anne was so principled in terms of that kind of conversation. She knew in the back of her mind, something smelly was going on to this group of guys, they cannot be trusted at all.

She called Eva to the other side of the other rider, and wanted to go back home but Eva refused and convinced her to accompany her. She was worrying about Eva and she needed to accompany her though she felt something not good already to the group of riders.

Then, finally they came to a halt in front of the big mansion. Eva waved at Anne, that they would enter inside. However, Anne was so troubled and her wild imagination was telling her something bad was going on inside the house, she thought maybe it was the hide out of a syndicate, or maybe a drug lord, that was her wild imagination took her.

The stranger kept on convincing Anne to come inside as well, but she didn , he cannot convince her, she just stayed there waiting for Eva to come out. Shes afraid that if she went inside, she could no longer go out safely.

So, Eva didn stayed any longer inside since Anne just waited outside of the gate, who kept on arguing to the guy about the same thing.

Until they returned home, but Eva asked Anne to standby first in the nearest park near the house before going inside to sleep at that middle of the night. So, Anne just accompanied her, and tolerated her dating style, while shes waiting also in a corner with that annoying guy beside her who cannot convince Anne whatever things hell offer. And the last words he told Anne, ”You
e not good to talk to, you
e so unprofessional. ”

And Anne answered, ”So what? Just find other girls who would accept your offer since I am not a professional one! ”

Finally, Evas date ended, and Anne felt so relieved she could finally free from that annoying strangers, who looked like a goon for her, with that black jacket and dark aura.

Anne decided not to accompany Eva ever again, she regretted the idea that she believed her and accompanied her as well on her night life. It happened only once in her life and would never try to experience that again, going with strangers was a dangerous thing to do, she thought.

Anne was 18 years old when some of the boys made a move to her, making her life miserable and it was one of her distant cousins. Her sister already went back home & shed stop her studies already. Some of the boarders in the girls house speculate that maybe she left to give way for Anne, and others would tell, that her sister was only too shy to ask for financial assistance to the priest, and felt shes just an additional burden to them. While Anne, still continued to stay there and left with her distant relatives.

Then summer time came, its a summer break in school, thus, most of the boarders in the girls house took a vacation back each to their own hometown, and almost no one was there anymore except Anne whos in-charge of the house.

But, still the office hours is still the same on the ground floor of the house.

And one time, Anne got sick. She had a fever, so she just stayed on her room alone and just sleep there. That time, she occupied the vacant room, near the office. And as she lay there on her bed, she heard some kind of a voice, its a voice of a man, but no one was there. She thought maybe shes only delirious due to fever and shes not feeling well. So, she just ignored that voice and continued sleeping but still shes in a half-awake state.

One by one, the staff in the office left already. Later on, she heard the sound of the typewriter, as if it was being used and because shes too sick too check for it, she just thought maybe cats were only playing to the typewriter, and just ignored it all.

The next day, shes already well, and realized what had happened before. She came to realize that theres no cat there at that time and why would the cats use the typewriter. She felt some kind of fear and told it to others, her relatives.

And she talked about it to Tes, the only boarder who never went home. Tes was the only boarder who occupied a single room only for her, and that room was upstairs on the 2nd floor. Tes told her, that some of the boarders saw a white lady walking around there, below them, especially on the alley, on the left side of the house going to the main gate. And Anne believed it also and felt a little afraid to hear that kind of ghost story.

However, a day came when Anne was alone in the house, it was dark already. She secured all the doors first and locked the main gate. She closed all the doors below and all the doors above before going to Tes room. At that time, Tes was not there, she went out to have a dinner with her Uncle as shes always saying to them every night. She closed the door behind him and locked it.

There was no TV in the house, and she had no gadgets or mobile phone too. She just stayed there, as if sitting there, staring at nothing. Then, suddenly, she heard some kind of a noise, with the loud bangings of the door, as if it was slammed in force with that loud impact. She was so scared, theres no wind at all, and its so impossible that the wind will enter the house with that loud force, slamming all the doors. Next, she heard the sound of steps walking on the stairs going up near her room, then, after the steps on stairs, she heard a dragging sound of the chains, like a prisoner with chains on legs. The chains keep on dragging around and she could hear it all.

And the worst of all, after a few seconds, someone was knocking right on her door already.

”Knock, knock, knock… ” She heard it 3 times. Shes panicking already, but she tried hard to calm herself, shes only alone there. She tried hard to calm her senses to think well, she realized that all the doors are closed before and she locked it herself, and it was so impossible that an ordinary man could enter, could slam the door that loud and could knock directly in front of her door without shouting or calling her.

She searched for something to cover her self, to cover her eyes. She found a blanket and wrapped it around her, she hid there and together she closed her eyes. She didn shout for help (because no one was there to help her) and she didn stand to open the door as well, shes trembling in fear.

She stayed there in a long time without moving, without opening her eyes. In her mind, its only fine to hear scary things (through her ears only) but its not fine to see such horrifying things at all with her open eyes. She prayed hard to the Lord not to see such scary things that she saw in movies and from the stories she read. She uttered a prayer repetitively, memorizing the Our Father and the Psalm 23 (she did memorize and her favorite verse).

Later on, the noise came to a halt, but she didn dare to open her eyes nor remove the blanket at all, until a sound of horn coming from a car came. It was Tes, Anne felt so relieved that time. Tes called out her name to open the gate for her. So, Anne excitedly went out the room and ran down the stairs like a child to open the main door and the gate.

She talked about it to Tes and consoled her that she did experience it also before. And the other boarders, not only heard that but saw it with their eyes. Anne said shes praying not to see it with her eyes, she might get too terrified to take it when it happens.

She talked about it to her distant relatives. And as along as she could she won stay anymore alone in that house so she tagged along with her every time her other distant cousin. So, shes calling Peter always that time, hes the only one whos available that time who didn go in College yet, he stopped and Anne didn know the reason why, she didn venture to ask about it.

Anne found Peter so behave, so she thought he was a good person, a silent one, not so loud unlike the rest of the boys there who kept on teasing her. She always asking his help to repair something in the house or to do things she couldn carry.

One time, Peter would ask her this,

”Anne, what type of boys youd like? ”

Anne was so comfortable talking to him, so she just said anything.

”Sometimes, I fell for a boy easily if hes always there for me, whenever we
e together always, everywhere…and if hes helping me all the time. And when hes with me all the time, I could easily develop a feeling for him. ”

And shes referring to her classmate in school, named Resty. Resty was one of her classmates in first year college in several subjects. He was tall, fair skinned, small eyes, with a slender body and oval face. When he talks, his lips barely moved and his voice was soft and soothing to her ears. He was her classmate in minor subjects only, since he belonged to a different major in Engineering, he was enrolled in Electronics and Communication Major in Engineering. He was an officer also in the ROTC in school. So she admired him always, since Resty would always call her and would ask for her help in class. He would always sit beside her and asked for her notes, and would borrow sometimes her notebook to copy it. Hes always wearing that hat he used in ROTC drill. And sometimes, when Resty was absent, he would give Anne his notebook so that she could copy the lessons for him, especially when he had a drill in ROTC. They would go together everywhere, even outside the school to buy anything in the market. And Resty would bring Anne, at times, to his familys computer shop, but they
e talking less as they walked together, where Anne was always catching her breath to match his fast walk with that long legs of him, everytime. Resty seemed belonged to a middle class, she thought unlike her. Resty told her that it was her Aunts computer Cafe.

Resty gave Anne their landline number in the house, so she excitedly jotted it down on her notes.

With that kind of set up, after several months, Anne felt some kind of special feeling towards her. She always searching for him first whenever in school, she always asked the others if hes already around and would wait for him always whenever hes not. Then, her heart was so excited as if jumping with joy when she saw Resty coming right at the door of the classroom, hes so late most of the time. She didn ask him anymore why hes late, as soon as she saw him, shes so ecstatic already and Resty would find a seat always near her to ask for their lessons and to copy her notes.

One day, Resty was absent and Anne was together with her other classmates. One of her classmates talked about Resty, about his life and being an ROTC officer. Resty was so aloof to them as they say. Hes not a friendly one to them but for Anne, he was good and close to her. Little did she know, that Resty was a secretive guy and rarely talked about his personal life nor about his family. Only Anne kept on waiting for him and whenever shes around him, she never asked anything about him and shes only contented to be with him around. As if shes a blind follower of him.

Then, the chubby girl said, ”Does Resty had a girlfriend? I think he was gay. See, when he moves and talks, hes like so feminine for me! ”

But Anne didn believe her, in her mind Resty was not a gay, but she didn voice it out to them afraid she might misinterpreted by her classmates, or maybe some of them noticed her, since she was always asking about him everytime.

Then, time came when Resty hardly came in school, Anne was worried. So, she used the landline number she jotted down in her notes and dialed it, then there Resty answered.

However, her excitement faded when she heard his aloof, emotionless voice,

”Why are you calling? ”

So Anne just made an alibi and asked about him, and she just heard the line on the other side was cut down in a few moments. Resty just put down the phone and said no more. Anne thought he was not interested to receive calls from her, and she thought maybe her classmates were right.

She did call him for quite a number of times just to keep in touch with him but to no avail. Sometimes, hes not around and sometimes, Resty will answer speaking the same short words and would just hang it.

And she came to realize that maybe Resty was only using her in school just to copy her notes for their lessons, no more, no less. Shes only expecting too much, and shes so disappointed to think about it. Later on, she had just accepted that her feelings were wrong and then Resty, eventually, dropped out of school after some time and she had no idea why.

So, in the girls house, Peter would always go together with Anne, everywhere, as if hes always there to assist her. Until, their relatives had noticed them and teased them, especially Tyoy Jojo, the brother in law of the priest.

But she kept insisting this, We
e relatives, hes my distant cousin, theres nothing wrong with that! ”

She had no dirty thoughts or whatsoever about Peter, because she believed it was only right to ask help to her relatives and theres no wrong with that.

Then, one day, Peter approached Anne in the girls house and said this,

”Anne, will you accept me as your suitor? Can you give me a chance? ”

Anne bursted into laughter,

”Oh, come on, Peter! We
e relatives! You are my distant cousin! How could it be possible? ”

But Peter insisted, ”No! We
e a distant cousin, theres nothing wrong with that! We
e already far in our family bloodline. ”

Anne thought, Peter had already forgotten that idea since she neglected him already and she thought he would just give up pursuing her but shes wrong.

One time, she had no companions, and theres no one she could run to call for help to accompany her but only Peter. Shes alone in the house and its already dark. Then, Peter came in, shes a bit relieve to know that hes there.

At that time, she transferred in a big room on the far back of the house on the groundfloor, that room had a built in comfort room already inside it, and there were two steel, double deck bunk beds inside it, facing each other in a meter distance.

Before going to sleep, Anne warned Peter not to do anything beyond, to distance themselves from each other.

”Just sleep there, Peter and I will sleep here, on the other bed. Just stay there, and don cross the line. ”, Anne told him.

But Peter, was grinning and smirked with that meaningful stare.

”You allowed me stay here with you in one room, then what will we do? ”

But Anne insisted, ”I just don want to be alone, afraid that there might a ghost again like what had happened, previously! Please, I beg you to just stay there and just sleep, just do nothing aside from sleeping. ”

So, Anne proceeded to sleep and just slept soundly, with that calm and at ease mind.

However, she was surprised, when, suddenly, she felt someones hand was touching her already. She was awakened by someones touch over her body, especially touching her breasts and everywhere. The lights are off, and she heard Peters voice near her ears already. He was seemed trembling, and wanted to touch her but she stopped his hands, and asked, ”What are you doing? ”

He was just murmuring something, she cannot understand. She tried hard to stop his hand and hinder his moves everytime, until he stopped totally. He just laid there hugging her back, Anne didn move at all and she could hardly sleep at all. She didn dare to ask about it anymore, she just fell silent and silence reign there until the morning.

Then, she felt that Peter gradually stood up and walked out from the room.

Anne felt so awkward, she cannot bring herself to ask about it to him. She was confused about what had just happened. She just felt relieved nothing had happened beyond that touching. She didn know how to face Peter anymore, starting that day.

Whenever she happened to meet Peter along the way, she tried hard to avoid him, it was so awkward really, its her first time someone did that to her, and it was her distant cousin, of all people.

Time passed by, and Peter approached Anne again. Anne was standing above the stairs going up, and Peter was on the floor standing there facing her.

”Anne, sorry about what Ive done the other day. Anne, could you give me a chance? Don mind what the others would say about us. Please do give me a chance! ”

And Anne was confused and she got no feelings to Peter but shes treating him only as her relative, no more than that.

Another day came and Peter would ask Anne once again, he was so persistent, although Anne would always give him the same answer.

But, a time came when Peter got a strong idea to get Annes answer, and he said,

”Anne, if you won accept me, I won study anymore, I won go to college and maybe I would just die, to take my own life! ”

Anne was so naive and terrified. She cannot bear to think that she might be the cause for that to happen to him, and shes afraid that she might be a guilty one if bad things would happen to Peter because of her.

Thus, she was forced to answer him that very day, and maybe, eventually shed develop some feelings for him.

”Okay ”, she answered. ”Just don do that bad things and promised me to continue your studies and do well in college! ”

Peter was so happy and exclaimed, ”Yes! Well just hide it to others especially to our other relatives. ”

They tried hard to hide their relationship, and went on secretly.

Until time came, Anne slowly developed a deep feeling for him already, she was easily moved and fell for it. Then, slowly, one by one had noticed them already, especially, one of the boarders in the boys house, a middle aged, bachelor man. That bachelor man was close to Anne and Peter. He asked them about it to confirm if its true, then Peter spat it out to him eventually. The bachelor man was teasing Anne always, but that time, his eyes was foretelling something, it was a warning sign.

Then, one day, he told Anne this, ”I am warning you. I would tell the priest about it and Peters mother too if the two of you will continue. ”

Anne befriended one of the boys tenant there too named James. James and his brother occupied a room in the 2nd floor of the boys house and they
e both good and Anne found them comfortable to talk to, or maybe Anne was just so naive and so trustful to anyone she could talk to.

Anne would always open up to James about her relationship to Peter and would advised her a little only, he just kept on listening to her and would cheer her up every time with that cute, bright smile, hes such a good listener. They belonged to a rich family and a very soft spoken individual.

However, a day came when suddenly, Peters mother came with that angry voice. Peters brother and sister knew already about Anne, but they just accepted her and complain no more, however, their mother was a bit different. She had that loud voice, very outspoken, and she was so terrifying with that terrorizing eyes.

”Wheres Anne!? Id like to talk to her, Id like to confront her face to face! Shes a bitch! ”

Peters mother thought Anne was the one seducing Peter, that shes the one who initiated to have a relationship though they were relatives. And everyone, especially the adults think that way that time, except Tyoy Rudy and his sons who knew Anne deeply.

The bachelor man, instantly helped Anne to hide in his room to avoid the angry mother of Peter.

And said, ”I didn see Anne, here. I don know where she is for the moment! ”

They tried hard to help her, since they did know the real behavior of Peters mother, that seemed so monstrous that time, ready to attack anyone.

Anne felt so grateful and thanked the Bachelor man and revealed everything to him.

However, another day came, Anne came to know that the Bachelor man shed trusted her secrets with, revealed everything to the Priest. Anne was so furious to trust that man, she thought she was old enough to keep a secret, but shes wrong, she started to learn a big lesson this time. She thought they
e already close to her, she thought she could trust anyone near her as long as shes open to them.

That was her usual scenario in the house of her relatives, she kept on hiding from Peters mother and would hide away their relationship. But, the rest of the boys who are close to Anne got angry to Peter. They did know Anne deeply and they said, ”Peter was so arrogant! ”

That time, they started to felt a little irritated at him, with no reason.

Procy would assist Anne always and would say nothing about it, he didn dare to confront Anne about that. Peters brother would cheer up Anne at times and whenever their mother came, he would warn Peter and Anne everytime. And one time, her mother came angrily once again, to search for Anne once again, it was like a hide-and-seek, an endless stalking. Peters brother occupied a big room in the boys house and helped Anne to hide in his room.

The room had a big, tall, wooden wardrobe. Anne inserted herself on the very back of the wardrobe, on the narrow space between the wall, tried hard to squeeze herself there just to hide away from the chasing angry mother of Peter.

Peter came to the rescue also and hinder the door of the room, and asked her mother,

”Ma, Anne is really not here, even when you search every corner here, Anne isn here! ”

But her mother was furious and kept on calling, ”Anne, where are you?! Just come out here and we need to talk! And well see and youll know! ”

Anne was trembling and she didn know what to do. Shes just staring there blankly, unable to move, unable to go out. Peter, warned Anne beforehand not to go out, no matter what, that shell just to wait for his signal when everything is already fine.

Then, his mother went out to search for Anne in the girls house again, then Peter asked Anne to go out from that wardrobes back.

That was her usual scenario, everytime, whenever Peters mother was there. Anne would escape anywhere and would go anywhere to just hide from her. And she would hide sometimes on the backyard, and the worst shed experience was to hide inside a sack, in one of the trash bags. Anne was so teary-eyed to experience those things, it seemed she got developed some nervousness during that time, it was like a traumatic experience to her, the very first time she experienced that worst thing. But, the luckiest part was, Anne was never ever did discover by Peters mother everytime, she had failed to catch her no matter what, no matter how!

After a few months, Peter was called by his mother and his family. And he was given a choice, to decide whether to choose Anne or his family, to continued their relationship or not.

Anne had no idea what was Peters decision, since she loved Peter so much, shes willing to sacrifice everything, to endure everything, no matter what, to face everything just to fight for their love! Shes not willing to give him up and leave him.

But, shes wrong, Peter did give her up! Peter sent a letter to Anne and told her to end their relationship. Anne cried and couldn accept it, she gotten deeply in love with him totally this time, and shes willing to do anything. But, the wife of Peters brother that time consoled her and advised her just to accept it, that they
e still young, that Peter couldn do anything against his mother and his uncle, the priest, theyd already commanded Peter to do it and Peter couldn fight for her anymore.

Anne was so devastated, it was her very first love and first heartbreak of all time. She cried and cried, until one day, she stopped crying already. Half-heartedly, slowly accepting everything, that Peter already gave up, and Peter couldn fight for their love. She was so regretful, that she believed him at first, he kept on pursuing her and he kept on persisting in courting her, to get her attention and in the end, look what had happened to her, shes the only one left.

Days went by, Peter was the one who was avoiding Anne always, they hardly crossed path and whenever itll happen, Peter was the one whos not looking at her, his eyes would always find ways to evade her eyes as if shes not existing after everything.

Then, time came, when they needed to leave the boarding house. The priest was transferred to a different convent this time. And Anne was transferred as well in the convent together with her other relatives, mostly the boys.

This time, the priest had a loyal assistant, an altar boy, named Michael. He was a bit younger to Anne, and his one eye was a blurry one, and turned as blind, due to accident as they said while hes only a child. But, still he could use his other eye to serve in the church as altar boy.

Peter and the boys, his cousins follow there too in the convent. Anne lived inside the convent, in a guest room, and in the other room near the stairs, closer to the priests room was the room of the priests assistant, an elderly woman, a retired teacher called Nanay Nene.

Anne was already a working student that time, in her 2nd year in college. She would always stay late at night to study and to finish her assignments in school, after doing all the tasks in the convent. She was trained already by the priest and Nanay Nene on what to do everytime, in the convent. She should ensure the cleanliness as well around the convent, to help them, to assist every visitors, to welcome them with that cheerful smile and how to be a hospitable one to the priests guests.

Anne rarely went out, and never did go out with friends, she just went to school as early as 7am and went back to the convent before 5pm. And she didn know that Michael had noticed her already. Anne had the habit to give out food to anyone, to her relatives and she felt pity to Michael as well, so she would bring him some food, like sandwiches, and Michael would refuse it at first, but Anne would persist to give him the sandwich and later on, he just accepted it with that timid smile.

That was the usual things Anne would do to anyone, and Michael had fallen for her, eventually. Michael hardly knew, that Peter and Anne got some past. Peter this time, was slowly approaching Anne again, and would at times talked to her when no one was looking.

Then, Michael went upstairs in the convent one night, while Anne was studying in a long dining table, and would bring Anne some snacks. Anne was shocked, why hes doing that, she just gave her thanks to him and just don mind him at all, and continued what shes doing, writing on a piece of paper, doing her homework.

And the next day, when Anne opened the cabinet in the kitchen, she was surprised again, there were some fruits reserved for her and it was from Michael again. And it happened many times, Michael did giving her food and surprises everytime. She felt not happy with it anymore, and confronted Michael.

”Michael, whats the meaning of all those? ”

”Anne, I wanted you to know that I like you! ”

And Anne explained everything to him, ”Michael, I am only treating you as friend, no more than that! Hope you could accept that, we
e just friends only. And I cannot accept anyone to court me. Can we just be friends? ”

Michael just timidly answered, and bowed his head, smirking and said, ”Okay… ”

Anne thought, it was clear enough and loud enough maybe for Michael to understand everything. She realized that maybe Michael just misinterpreted her actions by helping him and giving him food everytime.

However, another relative of the priest came, the elder brother of Procy came together with her wife, Brenda. The wife of Procys brother was a bit talkative, with that tiny voice. Brenda was pretty, with that curly hair but talk too much. She came to know that Michael had a feeling for Anne and kept on teasing him always, and in return Michael would ask her some advice and Brenda would do so, telling him to just pursue Anne.

So, Michael followed Brendas advice and he didn stop pursuing Anne, while giving in always to Brendas demands like buying her something, like this, like that in the name of Anne. Anne hardly knew that, that Brenda was using her name to command Michael everytime, shes just kind of a bully woman. Michael continued giving Anne anything, like a surprise snack everytime Annes in the table studying, and when Anne was in the kitchen and anywhere.

And it came to Anne, a gossip of what had been said behind her back, especially the things done by Brenda to Michael, and the words that provoked him was this,

”If Anne could not be swayed or if you couldn get her in a smooth easy way, do it in a forceful way! ”

Brenda had that witchy kind of laugh, provoking a person like Michael, who was always following what anyone would tell him.

Then, Michael was like a stalker to Anne. Its already school hours, Anne was waiting for a ride going to school, and as she climbed up near the driver, Michael did too, he abruptly climbed inside the jeepney and sat beside Anne. Anne reached for her fare and to give it to the driver, however, Michael suddenly insisted the driver to take his money instead, to pay for the fare for both of them. The driver was confused what to take, and he laughed loudly with that meaningful stare to both of us, and he took the money of Michael instead. Anne was furious, she started to feel irritated with Michael due to his persistence.

Then, as the jeepney came to a halt right in front of University, she hurriedly went down without looking back. Michael did climb down as well, and Anne got lucky, the campus had a security guard, no outsider was allowed, no one could easily enter without proof or identification of being a student there, like Michael. Anne felt so relieved and thought she had already escaped from Michaels irritable stare.

But shes wrong, its lunch time when she and her co-working student assistants went out for lunch. Then, Michael appeared in front of her eyes at the gate of the Campus.

”What are you doing here? ”, she was shocked. Its kind of bad feeling and her wild mind came up for something. She grabbed the other arm of her co-workmate named Victor, an Accounting student, and introduced him to Michael as her boyfriend.

”Michael, this is my boyfriend, Victor! ”, she said without blinking.

Victor was shocked, and he couldn react at the moment, he did not know what to say and it was noticed by Michael. Michael didn believe her either, he just smiled and followed them anywhere.

Victor whispered to Anne, ”I am not ready! Hope youll advise me beforehand, before doing anything, like earlier. ”

Its quite obvious to Michael that Anne was just using Victor as an alibi to leave her, but Michael didn stop. He kept on following Anne until they came to the restaurant. Anne had already ordered for food and they altogether sat in a circle around a small table. And her wild mind suddenly thought of an idea just to escape once again from Michael. She whispered to Victor beside her that she needed to go back inside the School and would just leave her bag and food there, to make Michael believe she was there still and would be back. But she didn go back anymore to the restaurant, she stayed there in the campus and just waited for them, carrying her bag back inside.

Victor just laughed as he came in carrying her bag back. He said he felt awkward earlier and actually told Michael that he was not her boyfriend. Her careless plan failed actually.

Days passed by, Michael was still the same, pursuing her, stalking her, following her anywhere, though how many times Anne explained to him that hes only a friend to him, and begged him to stop doing that otherwise she might got angry at him totally and would never ever befriend him anymore.

But Michael did not listen to anything she said. He became so obsessed, and Anne noticed his changed behavior, something did change with him, a bad obsessional behavior.

He sent a letter to Anne and telling everything he felt about her. To Annes annoyance, she crumpled the paper and threw it away through the window near the balcony. However, Michael discovered it and saw the crumpled paper on the ground.

Anne was so busy cleaning that time in the convent together with Tyoy Rudy and his sons, Procy and Ruben; they
e happily chatting while cleaning, mopping the floor and Procy was whistling when Michael came. Michael suddenly kneeled down in front of them all, and asked Anne why she did crumple his letter for her, why she couldn accept him.

But Anne was so irritated, and she wanted him to stop so she kept on repeating Michaels words, though Michael was crying already and continued kneeling down never minding anyone, he never felt ashamed though he kept on crying in front of them and confessing his feelings to Anne.

Anne was like a childish child that time, and due to too much annoyance from Michael, she spat out hurtful words at him degrading his soul.

Tyoy Rudy asked Anne, ”Anne, what have you done to Michael? Why hes like that? ”

Anne answered irritably, ”How many times did I tell him to stop courting me but he won accept it! He couldn accept that we
e just friends only! ”

Then, one night, Anne closed the door in the kitchen, to hide herself from anyone, to focus on her study, however, Michael suddenly came in, pushed the door open.

”Why are you here again? How could I study if you keep on disturbing me! Will you please go out and leave me alone! ”

But Michael, never obeyed, instead he kept on following her wherever she move, when she transfer her seat, he will move too. He seemed provoking her, he seemed out of his mind, until they looked like moving in circle around the long table. He seemed chasing her, when she moves he moves towards her. Fear, suddenly, heightened to Annes mind and heart. Michael was unstoppable, with that red eyes, she cannot explain what had happened to him. Until Anne yelled already, shouting deliberately so that everyone could hear them, as if shes asking for help from anyone who could hear.

”Michael, please let me out! I want to go outside! ”

But Michael had locked the door already, she cannot go out anymore.

She continued shouting, until the old woman, Nanay Nene heard her.

”Anne, what had happened there! ”

”Michael won let me out! ”, Anne cried loudly.

”What are you doing there, the both of you! Just let Anne out or Ill call the police! ”

But, Michael never listened as if he was already deaf and out of his mind, out of desperation.

Nanay Nene luckily had a key for the door, shes the one holding all the keys in the convent. And immediately the door went open and I ran hurriedly away from there.

Nanay Nene, scold Anne instead, saying not to standby anywhere, to avoid the boys, to avoid bad things to happen.

But it didn stop there either, one day, Anne was bathing inside the shower room, and she forgot to lock the door when suddenly Michael wanted to go inside as well. She abruptly closed the door and forcefully push Michael with the door, Anne couldn believe it will happen that time, and couldn believe how strong she was to push Michael with the door, and she locked it successfully.

She was trembling with fear on how obsess Michael was, he gone mad, he gone too far this time.

She reported him to the Priest but she had no idea what they had talked about.

Then, Annes fear grew again that time, shes restless where to study and where to sleep afraid someone might burst in anytime. So, she convinced her distant cousins – Peter, Ruben, Procy, Apa to sleep on their quarter at that night. They were many at that room, however, she was reported by Nanay Nene to the Priest. She was once again reprimanded, and her attention was called by the Priest.

The priest seemed disappointed at her and told her,

”Anne, please, can you distance yourself to your relatives, especially the boys. The boys won make a move if you didn initiate anything. And also please bear in mind, that they are your relatives. ”

Anne just replied, ”Yes, Father! ”

She didn explain anything anymore. One thing she did understand, she was misinterpreted by everyone! The Priest and Nanay Nene thought she gave a motive to anyone, to seduce the boys maybe, that shes the one who was always giving some motive to provoke them do that to her.

She was devastated, it seemed no one would believe her, that her intentions were good and pure, and she didn meant to seduce them by doing that.

At that time, Anne was transferred to Nanay Nenes narrow room, to guard her, to accompany her. And she had a little savings too in a small plastic bottle, she managed to save a little in every allowance she got from the convent, and she had hundreds already. Nanay Nene always warned her not to go out or standby outside the room anymore, to avoid the boys.

But Peter did approach Anne still, they were discovered by Michael in the Balcony area of the convent and other people saw them too below, since the balcony was overlooking the ocean, and residential houses were below them. Someone threw a stone towards them, and they had no idea who did that. Someone was watching them and got annoyed at them, seeing Anne and Peter in their sweet moments.

Peter had told Anne this before, ”You may accept Michael if you want. Unlike me, Michael could tell the world about his feelings and he could fight for you! Hes a good person ready to fight you, unlike me. ”

He sent a letter also to Anne that hes willing to give way whatever makes Anne happy. Hes ready to free Anne and he couldn hold her anymore due to their situation. Actually, they were not in a relationship anymore, they just have a lingering feeling they couldn easily let go.

Then, that evening, Michael hurriedly approached Anne, and confronted her.

”Anne, I have just discovered your relationship with Peter! And my wish is, youll never ever felt happiness with him. And youll never ever be happy forever! ”

Those bitter words seemed like a curse to Anne, Michael uttered that cursed words to her. It was not her intention to hurt anyone like Michael, how could they understand her position, how could anyone understand her that it was never her intention to bring a misery to them.

Anne was once again called by the priest, it seemed Michael maybe reported her also about her and Peter.

And this time, she told the priest this, ”Father, I would like to ask permission from you to move out from here. Id like to move away from my distant cousins and the boys here, to avoid anything, to avoid further problems that may arise. ”

So the priest did conform and said, ”Okay! Do what you want. ”

Then, she packed her few clothes in one backpack and few things used in school in another bag to look for a new place the next morning.

She was a bit teary as she went down the stairs that early morning, before the sun rises.

She didn bid goodbye anymore to those boys in the convent.

She was like a crazy girl, with that backpack and bag carrying her things everywhere.

She came to a convent of the nuns, it was a very big Monastery. She knocked through the door and the gate opened. Girls like her age opened the gate and asked her what she wanted.

”Can I talk to the nuns here? Can I stay here? Id like to ask help from them, I have no place to stay this time. ”

So, the two girls let her inside and asked her to wait for a moment. Their superiors were praying that time above and would go out later.

Anne asked them about the behavior of the nuns there, if they were strict or not but they answered hesitantly, they couldn answer her directly. So Anne did assume some horrifying things again, her wild imagination worked again, imagining some horrifying things like in a horror movie, with that nuns wearing a black long garments like what shes seeing in there. So, without any ado, she bid goodbye to them, and left that place hurriedly, as if escaping from a monster, shes like a wanderer that time.

Then, she got tired of roaming around and decided to go to School and asked help with her co-working students. One of her teammates in the Machine shop advised her to go to Cherry, to try asking help from her because shes also a working student in school whos living also in the Monastery of the nuns. After getting the direction going there, she finally reached the gate and knocked. The first who opened the gate was a nun in white garments this time, unlike the first nuns who were wearing all black. However, as she asked about Cherry, she suddenly closed the door and replied nothing. Anne knocked once again and another nun came in this time, she asked her about the girl she knew is hes living there and finally she opened it for her and let her came inside.

She saw that some nuns were kneeling on the garden, praying. And some were busy inside, however, the others looked snobbish and they hardly smile at Anne.

Anne talked to Cherry about her current dilemma, but Cherry informed her that her situation there also was not good. She told Anne that some of the sisters there were jealous of her, whenever a boy would approach her and the behavior of the nuns toward her there were not so good, their treatment was not that good, there were rules to be followed always, and her actions were being watched everytime.

Therefore, Anne decided again to leave there. And once again, she was frustrated.

She had not find a place to sleep at that day, so she sat there sad in the office of the Machine shop. Then, May Ann came, her workmates there too, she was an I.T. student and youngest in their family, the only daughter, left alone with her old, retired parents. One of her brothers was in abroad, in the middle east, working there for many years and would send some financial support to them.

Anne opened up to her the problem she had right now. And May Ann decided to help her without giving a second thought and she said,

”I will bring you home, no matter! If my parents would not let you in, I will leave home and would leave them alone! They won complain about it and they couldn stop me from bringing you in! ”

That was super decisive May Ann was to help Anne. So, Anne was welcomed by her parents in their home and they took care of her like their own daughter. May Annes parents had a small store in front of their house, her father was already old and suffered some illness. Her mother was so caring, would always cook for them. And they would give Anne also the pack food going to school, the same with May Ann and some money allowance.

May Ann enjoyed Annes presence in the house, since she could go out this time to date with her boyfriend using Anne as an excuse. That time, May Ann had a handsome boyfriend, a tall guy, an IT student too like May, and had a slender figure like May Ann. They looked so compatible with each other, they
e both playful, cheerful and having that kind of free life unlike Anne. They seemed got no problem at all. Anne trusted May Ann too much, until one day Allen said this,

”Anne, you trusted May Ann too much. Shes kind of a playful girl, that likes dating, and not so serious in her study. Shes an outgoing type unlike you. ”

Then, he saw that Annes long hair was cut by May also, and the hair was not trimmed nicely. The hair was not cut evenly, she got almost bald on the back. So she just tied it with knots always so that she could hide the uneven trimmed hair.

Allen was a bit irritated and advised Anne not to do that again, not to trust her in cutting her hair.

Anne talked to her other workmates there in the Machine shop and she came to know that there was a cheapest boarding house near the School, just a few walking distance away from there, near the market.

Then, after several months, she bid goodbye to May Anns family again, and gave her utmost thanks to them for helping her, for letting her say in their house. She wouldn forget their kindness to her ever.

She transferred to a small, humble boarding house, made of wood and bamboo. It looked like so old, no paints, no bright colours on the wall. It was a 2 story wooden house, owned by the two old couple, a very good religious couple. The rent was only 300 pesos that time, its the cheapest of all bedspace type of rent in the city nearest the school. She found that most of the working students were staying there and she came to know them all eventually.

In a room where she occupied a bed, she met Sheila, and the other 2 girls, they were all four in a room, with that wooden window, near her bed. She chose the bed above the double deck, its also made of wood. She got close to Sheila, she had befriended her easily, shes a talkative and cheerful one and also a generous girl. She would cook always her food, bringing delicacies from her hometown and would share it to Anne. Shes actually a good cook while Anne wasn .

Every morning, Sheila would cook a pack of noodles and would share it to everyone in the table, one bowl of noodles for the 3 of them always. A small bowl of noodles would be shared to the 3 of them, and sometimes it won be consumed by all either, theres always a leftover for it, maybe each was only shy to consume it all.

Then, eventually, Anne confided to Shiela everything, about her life. Then, Shiela took pity of Anne, and she seemed so emotional to share Annes burdens in life. And she did everything to help Anne, bringing food always from her hometown every weekend, since Shielas home was a ride away only from there, few minutes compared to Annes. Shiela would tell her family about Anne, and her mother would send her many food always to include Anne in her budget. Anne could pay only the monthly rent through the allowance provided by the Sugar milling company yearly.

One time, she went to the office of the Sugar Milling near the school in the city to get her yearly allowance, however, it was a compound instead of an office, the compound of a Congressman that time, who was one of the officials of the Sugar Milling Company. The gate was so tall, full of security and no one would dare to enter the compound easily with no good purpose. She was welcomed by a guard and told to wait and few minutes later, a servant woman came to let her come in to have a meal, since it was lunch time. Its so timing, shes still in her uniform when she went there, it seemed they understood her hungry stomach after all.

So she just ate the meal served for her and waited the congressman who was still in the meeting to his other visitors. Later on, she was called by the guard for her to come inside the office of the Congressman.

The office was surrounded by different wines behind the sit of the Politician and he had two visitors, all men, they seemed in the middle of some serious discussion when she came in. And the Congressman suddenly hushed them all, and asked her,

”Miss, how could I help you? Why you are here? ”, with that formal look.

She introduced herself and directly stated her intention about the scholarship and told them about her course.

The politician smiled, the other man still continued to talk when he was interrupted by the Congressman.

e just an Agriculturist, and shes a Chemical Engineer someday. ”

He looked like teasing her, as if upgrading her status in front of the two men to silence them all. His purpose was obviously to flatter her. Then, he waved the others to leave the room, to give them privacy afterwards, then the two men, just followed and left them there.

The Congressman was already like a Father to her, with that handsome, chubby face and with that bulging stomach. And he asked her some meaningful questions she hardly understood,

”What will you do in return of our financial assistance to you? ”

And she said, without any doubts, ”I would work in your company after graduation. ”

But he was not satisfied with her answer and kept repeating that question.

So, she thought, he was implying something, other kind of special service to him, and her thoughts grew wild about it. She had heard stories on how politicians did a dirty work at times.

So she found some alibis and excuses, and it was actually the truth, she didn lie about it.

”Sorry, I cannot work for you during my spare time because I am already a working student in the school and I have many things to do at home and every weekend also. I hardly got a free time so I cannot render a service to you in return of the financial assistance you may ever give. ” Anne explained nicely and clearly like pitiful child.

So, the congressman just nodded timidly and spoke nothing any longer. And then,he just told Anne to wait for it, and instructed her to go to other hotel in a date he specified to get her scholarship allowance.

Anne bid goodbye and spoke nicely before she left his office and grateful she had convinced him and she had avoided possible problem. Anne was protecting her dignity, and no matter what she won sell her body in exchange of anything, she thought.

Then, the next month, she successfully claimed her scholarship and had a money already to pay for her rent. And she would save some amount, to go back home to her family.

She went home and told her family about everything. And she told her mother about Peters mother who was angry at her and wanted to talk to them about her.

And her mother, surprisingly defended her, ”I knew you, you are my daughter. You are not what they
e saying. Let them come here and I will face them all! I am not afraid of them! ”, her mother said it bravely to her.

Anne was so happy to hear it from her mother. Her father was already well, he was doing anything just to get an extra amount, and would save it for her always, whenever she went home. Her father would sell vegetables, anykind and would ride in trysikad (it was a bicycle with a sidecar where passengers can sit unto it and would pay an amount for the ride going to and fro).

Anne sometimes so hesitant to accept the money her father was saving for her, one time, she just turned her back away from them, to hide her tears, her father and mother looked so pitiful. They cannot afford any longer to buy for food but they tried hard to save some allowance for her.

But her mother, chased her and convinced her to accept the money.

”Anne accept it. Your father will be hurt if you won accept the money he saved, despite of everything, he tried hard to save it for you. ”

Anne realized that her mother was right, her father did everything to get the money and she just said thanks to her before she climbed up the bus going back to the city.

In the city, Anne didn know that Shiela had already talked to the landlord, the old man, about her poor background. The landlord called Anne one day, and showed her some magic trick to open his palm and shell find something.

And as he opened his hands, she saw an amount, he gave it to Anne. Anne smiled widely and accepted it wholeheartedly, said thanks to him. Then, the landlord told her that he already knew her situation and decided to let Anne stay there for free, shes no longer required to pay for the rent, even the water, and electricity. But all she needed to do was to take care of the house, to watch it for them. And the landlord asked her not to tell it to anyone, to the other boarders.

Anne felt so happy that time, God was so merciful and every opportunity was coming on her way. God was so good that she was surrounded by good people, by kind people who are willing to help her, who are assisting her always.

She stayed there for free until graduation. Though, she would think about Peter from time to time, and would try to contact him but to no avail. And there was a time when, she convinced Sheila to go out to meet Peter, its already middle of the night, Anne and Shiela waited for Peter along the road.

They knew Peter was going in a medical school already but his course seemed related to nursing kind. And Anne heard that he had met a new girl already and felt so heartbroken about it and wanted to confront him.

Finally, Peter came after a long hours of waiting, but Peter didn take her seriously as if she was not existing on his life, as if he didn know her at all. And told her frankly, he had another girl already and its already over for them, they have no chance at all. Anne cried, and she just accepted it, she let him go.

Anne and Shiela saw that Peter was raising her hands towards the sky as if hes saying that hes finally free.

Shiela was so angry and felt to much pitty towards Anne and told her not to do that again.

Anne looked so pathetic, she bravely fought their love and went out to avoid their relatives hoping they could have still a chance but Peter gave her up totally.

After a long time, she realized Peter maybe didn love her.

And she hardly moved on, its so difficult for her to forget Peter. She asked one old woman one time who came to the boarding house, ”Grandma, is it a mistake or is it wrong to fall in love even to a distant relative? ”

And the old woman answered softly, ”As long as it is love, it is not wrong to fall in love, thats the important thing in life, to love. The important thing is that we love one another. ”

Then, she just smiled and fell silent.

There were many rumors spreading in the relatives of the priest, some are speculating that Anne maybe got a sugar daddy just to continue her study on her own. They were all wrong, they all thought it was impossible for her to continue her study without any support, they hardly knew many kind people are helping Anne.

Some of her workmates in Machine Shop would help Anne as well.

Allen would bring always rice or extra food for her. And Christian would secretly get a pack of rice for Anne so that she could cook it and have her dinner in the boarding house.

In the boarding house, Shiela and the rest of the boarders like her would share some viands to her always. And Raymond, one of the newcomers in the machine shop, would visit Anne at times in their hometown, since his house was nearer to her. He would bring her a cake once on her birthday, the first time someone did it to her, and would bring any food, and would buy a pair of shoes for her.

She treated him as a plain friend only, no more than that as usual. Raymond did visit her few times, until he met Annes exboyfriend, Jeffry. Jeffy wanted to return back to Anne. He tried everything to win back Anne, by inviting her anywhere especially on a swimming pool together with Raymond and Trecy, it was weekened that time. And slowly, Raymond went away, until he stopped totally in studying due to some vices as what Anne had heard.

She didn hear news about Raymond anymore since then. And Jeffry didn win her back also, he failed, since Anne was still deeply attached to someone, she couldn forget, she felt she was betraying her heart whenever shes near with Jeffry. So, she left and didn accept him any longer.

Many months had passed, Anne grew closer to the machine shop guys, her workmates.

Many newcomers did come in the shop, new working students, and they were Orlando (a silent, genius type who always solve and read anywhere, who got a perfect score always in test in Engineering), Demred ( a handsome, cute guy, silent type also) and Regem (a talkative one).

Annes crush at first was Demred, hes always assisting her and respecting her as his elder sister, but he didn stay there longer, he stopped schooling and they lost connection.

Then, Regem came, he was always staying with Anne during vacant time and would talk a lot, and hes good in playing a guitar while singing, until Anne confide to him eventually about anything.

Its like a sudden attraction to them both, they went together at an instant, they clicked together and Regem would convince her always to accompany him anywhere, during breaktime and they would eat their snacks anywhere, sitting on a bench talking anything.

Then, Regem, suddenly came in the boarding house where shes staying. He fetched her to go somewhere and she followed too without any question.

They went together in the house of their workmates, but sadly their workmate denied their presence, he was irritated that they came there and he was not informed in advance. So Anne and Regem just decided to leave, they were unwelcomed and rejected.

Their relationship grew instantly in a spur of a moment, as if their feelings were mutual. However, she had noticed that, Regem would invite her for snacks always but upon arriving there in the stall, he had no money and shes the one to pay for it. It happened many times, and Zeny, their workmate, noticed it also, and advised Anne secretly. Zeny was also one of the boardmates of Anne in the place where shes staying.

”Anne, you cannot even afford to buy your own food, and what Regem was doing was not good. He looked like a parasite to you. ”

Anne noticed it also, Regem would always approach her and asked some amount to give her and there Anne refused since she had no enough money as well.

It was only 2 months maybe, Anne called Regem , and directly told him, that she will end whatever relationship she had with him.

”Why Anne? What are your reasons? Because I didn accompany you anymore during vacant time? I have failed to do so because I am studying with my classmates. I am doing it for our future too! ”

Regem spoke so eloquently, he was so good in words, as if anyone could convince about it.

But Anne didn explain any longer, and she didn want to hurt him more further. She needed to end it as soon as possible, but she couldn tell him straight on his face about his money problem, she couldn bring it to his face.

After a long time, Anne finally had get over with it, since its like a short relationship only, its not kind of deep thing.

She finally got a small cellular phone, a nokia 33 series type. The government provided every private school some cash to distribute to the students, worth 8000 pesos each, to those who are worthy of it as long as they could present a guarantor. That time, Anne and her workmates excitedly joined using their Machine shop supervisor as a guarantor for the loan. They promised to pay for it whenever they could get a job after graduation.

Months passed by, she received some text messages, and it was from unknown numbers.

The messages she received were not good, those were degrading her dignity, telling her that she was a bitch, and more. She had no idea whos sending it, and she had speculated that maybe it was from Regems friends or from Regem himself. She ignored it and didn reply to their bad messages anymore.

Everything went on smoothly, and Regem was always avoiding her since then.

And one evening, she cried silently, she remembered Peter in the machine shop and everything that had happened to her life. But she was noticed by Orlando who was studying on the other side of the table.

”Anne, what happened to you? You
e like in a drama there. ”

Orlando was a bit sarcastic. He seemed emotionless, always focusing on her studies, he could make a summary of all the mathematical formula on his own and would present every sample problem and the steps clearly in his own notes. He was a genius type of student, a diligent one, won let anyone to disturb him when hes studying, no matter how noisy the shop was.

”No, just never mind. I just remembered something, ” Anne answered.

Whenever the group assembled, the shop will be filled with laughter, all jokes and funny stories from everyone. One of the childish one there was Erwin, he was constantly writing and doing anything with his hands while talking, until the paper would be destroyed after that, unintentionally. And the pens would disappear everytime, without knowing that Erwin unintentionally brought it with him no matter where he went.

Anne was like a respected sister in the shop later on, shes older now from the others, as the years went by, as newcomers came in. She was in charge sometimes to arrange for their out of town.

So she gathered an amount from each of them, the working students in the shop only and would arrange for a beach to sleep over there and have fun swimming.

However, the amount they collected was insufficient, they didn know why, only her and Orlando knew that some amount was gone missing, they had no idea who took it secretly.

”Elder sister, what will we do? How can we pay for our out of town cottage ”, worrying Orlando told Anne.

”Don worry. Ill take charge, I have some amount left in my own pocket. Ill just pay the lacking. ”

Anne luckily got an extra amount from her scholarship and she got a 100pesos monthly allowance too from the University.

They enjoyed in their out of town, Demred came too though he stopped already. He wanted to go near Anne but Orlando was there always near her who would bring a book everytime and would read books anywhere he went.

Until evening came, Anne decided to sleep beside the other girls on the floor of the cottage. And just told Demred and the others to find their own sleeping area. Shes like an elder sister of all who took charge of everything.

However, as shes laying there on the floor with her back on the door, someone came in. She pretended to be asleep and felt someone laid there beside her, she had no idea who it was.

She heard Demreds voice, and as if he wanted to sleep there too beside her but someone was there already so he found another place together with his male bestfriend.

Evening came, and everyone went to sleep already, and lights were off also.

Suddenly, she felt someones hands were slowly embracing her, and she heard the fast breathing of a man and she heard his hushing voice and smell of his skin, it was Orlando. She pretended there to be asleep, but she cannot make it. She knew Orlando was wide awake with that fast breathing of him, as if she could hear the beating of her heart, it was so fast, she thought.

She hardly understand why hes doing that, and slowly it sunk in to her that maybe Orlando got some special feelings for her.

She pretended til morning came, she pretended as if she knew nothing at all about what had happened.

She just greeted everyone, even Orlando, as if nothing had happened.

Orlando and her grew closer, but hes always calling her ”elder sister. ” So, Anne just treated her back as her younger brother as well until graduation.

After graduation, the working students assembled once again in the Shop, before saying goodbye to each other. Anne was two years ahead of Orlando, so Orlando looked so sad as he accompanied Anne going out from the school. He gathered all his notes and give some summary of the chemical formulas and all mathematical formulas he had made to Anne. And always giving her some advice to take care, when shes reviewing at the different far city, and would always remember him, to not forget him.

Anne gratefully accepted the papers he gave to support her review in the far city, in Manila. She promised him to send him a text message always.

Orlando told some meaningful words to her when shes about to leave.

”Please wait for me there. And don forget about me… ”, a bit teary eyed Orlando.

Anne had graduated with her 5-year course successfully without failing grade.

Though, shed gone away, she didn fail to send messages to Orlando to encourage him to study more and to inspire him to do better in school always like a big sister.

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