Its been 5 hours and your dad hasn come back .

Certainly he must be so busy that he couldn make a call .

Then Ill do it mom, Mmm ok .Sriya called and the bell continued to ring. Then someone picked the call. Hello dad where are you, Sorry but the mobile owner got into a severe accident, Sriya burst into tears and her mobile fell down, What happened ? Mom dad, the next instant they all went to hospital and found Mr Katz lying on bed .Rafael took them outside of the room and asked them not to cry, he was trying to console them in the best possible manner . Will dad be fine ? Sriya asked . Mmmm he nodded resistively . He is in the ICU in observation, certainly we can say anything, we have to wait . Sriya went out for a walk. She was in pain and constantly looked at the sky . Why did it happen ? She sobbed . Someone standing beside her also looked at the sky and said, Man is never troubled by circumstance; he is troubled by his own thoughts . She said yes but sometimes we are bound by certain thoughts . After a moment she looked beside her, but couldn find anyone . She came back to her mother and asked have you eaten anything? She said no , please mom you can lose yourself like this. Go home bro and I will stay here . She nodded . Sriya came to his fathers room and looked at him. Dad, please recover faster. I want to tell you something. She sat on the sofa and after a while her eyes closed . Someone snigged into the room and tried to get rid of Mr Katz , Sriya opened her eyes and said who are and hopped on him leave my father you scumbag she was giving him a hard time . Looks like none of them wanted to lose either . Sriya grabbed his neck but somehow he managed to escape . Sriya ran after him but couldn get him . When she came back Mr Katz was breathing heavily , She ran to the doctor , Rafael and another doctor came hastily and checked him . His condition was getting worse , the nurse quickly got injections , she ran, there was a rush , after a moment everything was getting back . Cops arrived , Rafael asked Sriya to tell the cops every detail about the Man . Sriya said that person was fearless. He didn run away as quickly as I caught him . What about his face ? Of course he was covering it . What about his looks ? He was tall, about 184 cm and had a good body . I also grabbed his neck tightly but he pushed me away . Okay we will look into the matter please be careful and i will assign a cop here for Mr katz safety . He is not after you but Mr Katz . She nodded . Did you find anything else suspicious? Yes but I am not certain about that. Okay tell us, when I was outside I met a guy. I didn look at him properly but his voice was deep and … okay we will check everything . Rafael, he could be that man , but I don think so . Cops will do their job and relax . Everything is fine now . I hope so. Next day Sriya, her mother and Rafael were in Mr Katz room and after a while he gained consciousness but couldn move , his eyes were open. Tears were shedding, Sriya couldn control herself and , dad please say something doc why he is not saying anything please leave we have to check him . Sriya is walking left and right continuously while her mom is sitting. Rafael is with doctors . After a while they came out of the room while discussing something . Sriya ran towards his brother and what happened , the doctor asked Sriya to calm down and the three of them went . Listen Sriya, its very important for you to acknowledge your fathers condition . Yesterday when we tested him this wasn the case. I think something has gone wrong.

I don understand , look yesterday everything was alright but now he is suffering from quadriplegia . Whats that, I mean his whole body is paralyzed and is certain that he couldn speak either . There must be a treatment then yes , but it will take time don lose hope you have to be valiant at this moment . Mmm alright . She came out and the cops were waiting for her . What happened ? We checked the footage. The man you were talking about is Mr Rowan Mateo .

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