A Bit of Short Stories

Myth Of the Star Luminary

A Dense fog surrounded the unforgiving land. Almost nothing resided here except a few sparse trees, a couple of bushes, and Death himself.

”Give her back! Give her back to me! A small fairy flew in front of Deaths face. Her small beady eyes locked on to his glowing red ones.

”I cannot. ” Deaths icy voice washed over the sparse land.

”Why not, ” She screeched. The fairys speedy shiny wings slowly came to a sudden stop. She floated down to the grainy grey ground. Her knees and hands touched the land. Her tears flowed freely. ”Its not fair. I don understand! Why her! I promised her! ” The fairy slammed her right hand down.

”Mimora all things must come to an end even you. ” Death exhaled releasing a massive stream of smoke.

Mimoras top half shot up. Her knees remained planted on the ground. She placed her hands on her hips. ” Do you hate humans! You make their lifespan shorter than us fae! ”

”I have no qualms with humanity. I collect, Life is the one who gives the spans out. ” Death glanced at this scythe.

Mimora stood up shaking. ”Then where is life? ”

”… ” Death studied the blue and green fae. ”That I can not give you. Life does not like me. There is no correlation between us. ”

Mimoras wings fluttered, as she jumped up. ”Then how does this cycle work! How is it possible! Life Cannot exist without Death! ” She pointed a finger at him. Her little cheeks lit up.

Death shrugged breathing deeply. ”It just does, because like Life, I am everywhere and nowhere. I know every end, even before the babe of a human or fae takes its first breath. Every action has consequences even this meeting. I can only stretch my scythe out, not recede it. Even If I so wish balance must be kept. ”

”Balance, ” She shrieked. ”How is this balance? Railey was just a kid! A little girl! ”

”I can assure you death was easier for her than living. ” Death reached both hands up to his hood shaking it out. His scythe floated by itself beside him. He quickly attached his bony left hand to the weapon.

”Who are you to decide that! To say that! The rumors are true Death does not feel a thing! ” Mimora placed both hands on her hips again. Her legs pressed together as she leaned toward him sneering.

Deaths left hand quickly tighten around his scythe. ”… ” His skeletal head glanced at the ground as his red eyes grew dim. He took a deep breath releasing more fog. ”I feel everything. Every emotion that is known I have felt. Even the things I wish I did not. ” The skeleton in the hood moved closer to Mimora.

Mimora backed up placing her arm in front of herself.

Death pointed his right hand behind her. A small bright light shown from his fingertips. ”I can show you. ”

Mimora blinked multiple times. ”Show me what? ”

”How death was a small mercy for her. ”A dark blue and light blue swirling portal opened up behind Mimora.

Mimora puffed out her cheeks again. Her arms crossed over each other. ”Hmph, fine show me. I highly doubt, I will change my mind. ”

”… ” Death sighed. A sudden ache passed through his bones causing him to feel heavy. ” Death walked by her stopping before the portal. ”I know for a fact you will come to understand. ” Death glanced at her. ”You will not thank me for it. You may even come to hate me, but that is Life. The jerk. ”

Mimora gasped as her eyes flew open. ”Did you just call Life a jerk!? ”

”… ” He hesitated for a moment. ”No…? That is the correct answer right. ”

Mimora shook her little finger at him. ”You did I heard you! ”

”… ” You are laughing at me, aren you? I can imagine it now Life. You slapping the armrest of your chair while pointing out in front of you. This situation is your fault. Death turned away from his thoughts as he walked toward the portal. ”Come along. ”

”Hmm. ” Mimoras cheeks puffed out, but she followed him through.

When Mimora and Death exited the portal, they were in a hospital room.

Mimora glanced around taking in the sights. Some machines beeped and let out low hisses of air. The room was a small one-person room. Flowers decorated the window seal. An elder woman leaned up against the window. The woman looked like she had not slept in days.

Mimora then turned her attention to the bed in the room. The bed was small and had a bald little girl in it. Her eyes were half-closed. The little girls cheeks were sunken in. On top of the little girls mouth was a breathing mask. Mimora studied the girl with tears collecting in her eyes.

She covered her mouth ”Railey! ”

”Mommy, ” Railey gasped clenching her white bed sheets.

Mimora listened with rapt attention.

The womans attention immediately went to Railey. Her eyes were shattering. The woman spoke as her voice seemed to get caught on every other word. ”What is it, baby. ”

”It hurts, ” Railey stated.

”I know, baby, I know baby. ” The womans hands shook as they clenched the ledge.

”Make it stop Mommy. ”

The woman fell to her knees covering her eyes. ” I am sorry. ” She shook her head. ” I can ; the doctors are afraid to give you any more medicine.

”Okay, mommy. Don cry I can handle. I will be a big… ” Railey suddenly drifted off to sleep.

The woman kneeled over facing the floor. Her arms were placed above her head crossed. She held in her screams.

Mimora floated beside Railey. ”Hey, Railey we will play together.. ”

Death interrupted her. ”She cannot hear you. ”

Mimora wielded on Death catching a glimpse of the outside hallway. She spotted a shadow entering another room. Then a shadow following a man on a gurney being rushed down the hall. ”What is that? ” She floated to the entrance of the room.

Death exhaled releasing a stream of smoke. ”Me… ”

Mimora looked around then back at him. ”All of them? ”

”Working always, ” Death replied.

”Even now? In this instance!? ” Mimora went to the middle of the doorway ready to flee.

”It is not your time. ”

Mimoras lips trembled. ”When is my time. ”

”It is painful to watch. One cannot intervene even if they so wish. ” Death released more smoke, filling the room.

Mimora lost track of everything in the room all she could see was white clouds. ”Hey, what are you doing! ” Mimora tried to clear the smoke out.

Death shrugged before speaking. ”Fast-forwarding time. ”

”Stop it leave me see Railey! ” She screamed into the smoke. Mimora tried reaching out to grab him. She only managed to grasp air. After struggling for a few minutes, she grabbed onto something hard. Her eyes focused, and death was right in front of her. ”yeep, ” Mimora yelped in surprise. A long drawn out beeping sound began. Doctors started rushing into the room. ” What is that? What does that mean!? ”

Death shrugged, ” I Have no idea. I do not understand fae or human medicine. ”

”What do you understand then? ” Mimora threw her hands up in the air.

” … Death, she is dying. ” Death stated.

” Then shouldn that sound be associated with death! ” Mimora roared forming tiny fists with her hands. She threw a punch at Deaths face.

Mimoras punch connected and Death moved his face slightly. ”… ow. ”

Mimora eyes went wide and she then frowned. She rubbed her eyes as tears started to fall. ”That didn hurt. I know it didn . I hate what you are showing me! I hate that you are right! ” Mimora floated down to the white tiled floor.

Death turned toward a wall. His back toward Mimora. ”It did not hurt superficially. ”

Mimora blinked, ”what. ” She instantly stopped crying. ”What do you mean by that? ” Mimoras tone was soft.

Death looked at the floor with dim red eyes. ”It is time for you to go home. ” He turned around.

Mimora stood up. ” Wait, I. ”

Before she could finish, he sent her away sighing heavily.

Death returned to his sparse land only to see it a little greener. ”No… I am not dealing with this. ” He turned away only to be met with bright blue eyes. Death swung his scythe, and the person jumped back.

”To close. That could have killed me, grumpy pants. ” The man spoke sourly, while eyeing Death cautiously.

”Learn personal space Life. ” A heavy stream of smoke trailed from Deaths mouth. His eyes became a bright fiery red. ” It wouldn have killed you anyway, maimed yes. ”

”Chillax Just came to see how you were doing after talking to fairy poo. After all any damage you do to me I can take it off the fairys lifespan ” Life grinned only to be met with a menacing stare down from Death.

”Get out, ” when Death spoke his voice echoed all around them.

Life moved into deaths personal space. ”She came all the way here faced horrors, climbed mountains, and fought off things ten times her size just to get an audience with you. ” Life poked Death causing greenery to sprout on his black cloak.

Death swiped at Life again who dodged. ”Whose fault do you think that is. ” Smoke filled the area.

”Man, you are so moody. ” Life summoned a chair. When the white chair appeared, he sat down. He placed his elbows on the armrest leaning into his hand.

”Again, whose fault is that? ” Death Clenched his scythe. Ingrate, you are a rotten existence. He thought while grinding his teeth. ”If I find a piece of your blonde hair anywhere, I will step into your area. ”

Life quickly held his hands up. ”No, denied. I do not need to redecorate. ”

”Then quit coming to mine. ” Death huffed exasperatedly. Lifes eyebrows furrowed in.

”Never, ” Life stated wrinkling his nose. ”If you had your way. I would never see the light of day. ”

Death swung his scythe above his head. He walked until he was in front of life.

”That is not going to work. By the way, are you viewing her death? Is that why you are always so peeved at me. ”Life rubbed his chin. ” Who is this she anyway? ”

”Always, I view her demise always. ” Death brought his scythe down above Lifes head.

Life jumped out of his chair landing on the ground.

Deaths scythe came into contact with it, turning the chair to dust.

Lifes heart was pounding. He was breathing fast and clenching his chest. ”Do you end up killing me in the end? Just asking because you are getting pretty close lately. ”

Death turned away walking. ”Go snuff yourself out. ”

”Wait, What! Death stop being a big baby! ” Life called after Death. ”You better not be heading to my area! ”

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