”Today a Young Husky known as Jupiter kidnapped a toddler, rode a skateboard, and gave the police quite a chase. The reason, to save his homeless owner, who was left bleeding in an alleyway. This is Ericka Castaneda with breaking news. The toddler is physically and emotionally all right and is now in the custody of his mother. The dog, on the other hand, no one knows if he will be put down. Multiple protesters are standing outside the kill shelter trying to save the young husky. ”

”Oh no… Jupiter! So, that is what all of that fuss was downtown. ” Megumi looked away from the television with watering eyes. She took a deep breath tilting her head down. She brushed a piece of black hair out of her face.

A male coworker noticed her vivid green eyes watering. ”Megumi is there something wrong. ” He asked her while spinning the soup ladle in her direction.

”Something happened to Boris, and his dog is being held responsible for creating a ruckus. ”

”You mean that old guy with two front teeth missing and his big dog. That thing is a terror. ”

”No, Jupiter was a good intelligent dog. He doesn deserve this, Arron. ” Megumi nearly collapsed after speaking. ”Im going down there. ”

”We have work Megumi a dog can wait. There are homeless men, women, and children who need food! ” Arron turned his attention to the large metal pot on the stove.

”Cover me for this moment. ” Megumi bolted toward the back door.

”Megumi, Megumi! ” Arron screamed at her, only catching sight of the back of her floral-patterned dress.

Megumi went out the back door and down a set of stone steps. Right outside the building, her red Nissan sat. She pulled out her keys from a pocket in her dress. Megumi breathed in and out unlocking the vehicle. She then proceeded to enter the car. Once she was seated, she drove away.

Down at the protest, a straight line formed with three homeless men front and center. A surge of protesters pushed forward into a stretch of yellow caution tape. The protesters nearly had the three homeless men pushing pass the tape. The homeless men managed to catch and prevent themselves from falling.

Police guarded the entrance of the kill shelter.

”Damn Bernie we aren going to get any closer. ”

”Back at you Mack. We gotta rescue him no matter what. That dog had our back many times, and what he did for Boris. I ain never gonna forget. ” Bernie pulled his hat down over his forehead.

The silent of the three twiddled his thumbs glaring at the door.

”Bernie, maybe we need faith. Maybe they haven killed Jupiter yet. Maybe that rascal will get out of there. ”

”I don know if he is considered a risk, they will put him down. ”

”Look around us Bernie… He is a hero. ”

Inside the kill shelter

All of these creatures here are terrified. I can feel it. All of their life, their hope is slowly draining away. Do you think I fear you? I will find my owner. Jupiter thought while he nipped at his bars on the inside of the compound.

The kill Shelter had a thick layer of dust covering everything. Cages of animals were stacked on top and against each other. Stale food spilled into each of the pens. Water dishes laid half full or with barely any water in them.

Two employees stood around watching Jupiter.

The meows, whimpers, and barks of fear caused Jupiter to press his ears down. These creatures. Jupiters eyes snapped to the two employees as the words played in his mind. What did you do to them? What gave you the right to decide you could do this? We do not understand.

A woman suddenly approached the two employees of the kill shelter. The womans white lab coat bellowed behind her. It clashed with her tight button up purple shirt and knee-length black skirt. A name tag was placed professionally on the left breast pocket.

”Reba, ” one of the employees spoke relieved.

Reba could hear the shouting and chanting from the outside world. She sighed pushing her glasses further sliding them up her nose. ”The situation is getting out of hand. Get the dog into the gas chamber, or a shot, something. Just get him out of my hair. ”

”Maam wouldn that make it worse. ” One of Rebas two on-duty workers spoke out.

”It does not matter what the public thinks. The only thing that matters is we do our duty. ” She replied with vigor. ” Now then I leave it to you. ” Reba headed back to her office.

Jupiters teeth were in the early stages of hurting. He nipped at the bars viciously. Jupiter felt if he did not fight back something terrible was going to happen. I need to hurry up. I need to get out of here. It crawled through his mind. He could smell it, taste it the air. He Turned around and around in his cage only to be met with bars on all sides.

The employees went toward one of the back rooms. They changed into safety gear. One of the employees before exciting grabbed a control pole. While wearing safety gear, they moved closer to Jupiter. The one without the control pole quickly opened the cage, and the circle of rope went around Jupiters neck.

Jupiter tugged, yanked, and growled. What do you think you are doing!? His thoughts kept repeating as he snarled pushing himself back into his cage.

They continued to fight with the husky hoping to tire it out. The employees yanked Jupiter out who slid across the concrete floors hitting a wall. The pole left the employees hands. The employees gaped with wide eyes.

Jupiter yelped shaking his head. Come on move body. They are coming this way! He told himself while mentally forcing his body to Move. He took this moment as a sign of freedom. Jupiter somehow slid his head out of the loop and ran. He ran as the smell of pee, poop, death, and terror assaulted his senses. This place is horrible. He let loose a howl that agreed with his thoughts. He found a backdoor through one of the long and narrow hallways.

The employees chased after Jupiter cornering him. He backed up letting loose a threatening snarl. One of the employees stood before Jupiter with their legs spread wide open. The employee held his arms in a catching manner.

He darted between the employees legs. Another employee was coming through the front door, and Jupiter bolted out. He broke through the lines of police toward the hoard of people.

Jupiter spotted Bernie and Mack ran over to them. When he reached them, he leaned on Bernies legs.

Bernie bent down to pet the gray and white husky. ”Jupiter is that you. ”

In response, Jupiter gave Bernie a quick lick.

”I will be, darn it is you, Jupiter, ” he bent down and hugged the husky.

Mack smiled, but then his eyes caught sight of the employees coming out of the shelter. ”Run boy, Run boy. ”

Jupiter darted away barking.

Bernie stood up. ”Mack why did you tell him to do a thing like that. ”

”Look, ” Mack pointed at the employees.

Megumi had just pulled up in her Nissan when she spotted a husky in the parking lot running away from the kill shelter. So she opened her car door calling out, ”Jupiter, Jupiter. ”

Jupiters ears twitched, and he stopped running. He glanced at her. His tail was between his legs swishing. What do you want? Should I respond to you? Jupiter glanced around unsure of how to handle the situation.

”Jupiter, ” she called his name again. This time the cautious husky trotted slowly over to Megumi and hopped in the front seat.

One of the shelter employees informed the police about Jupiters escape, after another employee called animal control.

Its you, Jupiter thought happily giving her kisses as she shut him in.

”Alright, alright Jupiter enough, ” she giggled. Megumi drove back to the soup kitchen. She parked out behind the building and left Jupiter out of her vehicle.

Jupiter trotted over to a rough patch of gravel a few feet away from the open back door. He flopped down kicking up small amounts of rubble. Somewhere to rest finally, Jupiter thought while closing his eyes.

Megumi walked into the prep area only to receive a furious glare from Arron. ” I hope you
e happy. ” he mumbled.

”very, ” she started moving around the kitchen.

Jupiter fell asleep dreaming. He vaguely recalled being small. The sudden smell of plastic made him remember the black plastic bag. Jupiter suddenly felt the rough hands that tossed him in the bag. He let loose a soft whimper.

After that scene, he remembered hitting something hard and tumbling. Jupiters feet twitched, and he whined. He recalled a voice screaming and feet running toward him. Boris freed Jupiter from the bag that day. Jupiter remembered facing the old hairy man who smelled like dirt, aged meat, and worn leather for the first time.

Boris had lifted him up pressing him against his forehead ”Hey, little fella, you are a big one isn ya. ” Boris glanced at the night sky holding the small pup away from his head. Boriss attention became fixated on the full moon while he still held Jupiter. ” I know Ill call you Jupiter. ” Boris pressed his forehead against Jupiters furred one again ” You don have to worry about anything anymore little big one. I will take care of ya. ”

That memory faded away as more memories of Boris taking care of him popped up. Memories of playing with Mack, Bernie, and Megumi echoed and taunted him.

Megumi peeked out the back door checking on Jupiter.

Arron caught her looking. ”What are you looking at, ” he screeched. ”Did you bring him here? He is a danger! ”

”Listen, Arron! ”

”No, you listen! We have women, children, and men who count on us! How could you put them in danger. ”

”Jupiter counts on us also. He needs someone on his side. He is a good dog. He would never intentionally hurt anyone. ”

Arron started toward the phone that was by the kitchen entrances swinging wooden double doors.

Megumi stood in his way and tried to desperately to block his path.

”Move Megumi this has to be done. ” Arron gently pushed her aside while glaring.

Megumi continued to hinder him. She stood in front of him every few steps he took. Each time Arron pushed her away.He finally stopped moving to heave a heavy sigh. ” Megumi Stay out of my way! ”

”While he was stationary, Megumi began to plead. ”Please do not do this, please. ” Tears spilled from her eyes. She had her hands pressed together. Megumi moved closer to Arron with her arms shaking as she walked.

Jupiter woke up hearing Megumis sounds of distress. He Stood up and slowly walked over sticking his head into the kitchen. What now, he thought. Jupiter witnessed Arron pushing Megumi. Jupiter then leapt into the kitchen growling. No, you don get to do that. Jupiter thoughts ran wild as he drove his feet apart. His hair was standing on end.

Arron slowly turned around and reached for a knife that was sitting on a cutting board.

Jupiter jumped at him.

Arrons face went red as he trembled. He positioned the knife in front of himself. With a quick indecisive movement, he slashed.

The knife hit Jupiter in his chest, causing blood to splatter onto the black and white kitchen tiles. Jupiter yelped hitting the ground. He stood up growling as his mind began to wonder. It hurts can I take him?

Arron retreated readying to strike again.

Megumi jumped at Arron and grabbed his arm. ”Run Jupiter! Run Jupiter, ” she shouted.

Arron knocked Megumi away causing her to hit the floor with a loud thud.

Her eyes watered as she glanced down.

Jupiter backed out of the kitchen. For now, I will do as she says. He thought before taking off.

Arron chased after Jupiter still holding the knife. He slashed in front of himself aiming for the dog.

Jupiter ran faster, huffing he turned his head to look behind him. Is he still there? Jupiter asked himself.

Arron sliced at the space in front of him just barely grazing the end of Jupiters tail.

Jupiter sped up putting distance between him and Arron. That was a stupid question. Jupiters mind could only wonder so far before he was in a network of alleyways.

Arron came back proud of himself for scaring away the dangerous mutt.

Megumi stood up and slapped him. She covered her mouth before speaking. ” How could you!? ” Megumi then darted passed him to her car.

Arron held his cheek.

Jupiter ran, among the alleyways avoiding the crowded streets. He kept to the shadows growling at every moving thing. It is not him, but it pays to be careful. Jupiter sat down staring in a random direction. He was hoping to catch his breath.

”Someone help me please, ” a woman screamed.

Jupiter perked his ears up listening carefully to the sudden cries. He followed the desperate sounds ending up in an alley filled with trash. Jupiter began noticing shadows reflecting on a brick wall of a man hitting a woman. His actions are a no. Jupiter internally snarled while spreading his legs apart.

”Shut up! ” The man screamed as he hit his target.

The woman after receiving a few blows fell down hitting various trash bags.

The man suddenly reached down toward his victim. His hands gripping her shirt on each side ripping it open.

She whimpered sobbing, ” No, please no! ” The woman glanced everywhere but the man.

The man grinned reaching for the button of her pants.

The woman placed her hands on his arms trying to deter them.

Jupiter growl and lunged at the man.

The unknown man hearing a sudden sound pulled out a gun. He turned around only to see a colossal bleeding dog with fearsome jaws coming at him in mid-air. The man aimed his weapon at Jupiter pulling the trigger.

A bullet hit Jupiters thigh.

Jupiter fell to the ground whimpering. Every part of him ached. Blood surged from both wounds.

The woman watched for a moment dropping her jaw. ” Someone help, ” she screamed again, as she started scampering back. Her back hit a multitude of trash bags.

It was to no avail, it seemed as the man aimed the gun at her.

Jupiter forced his aching weary body up and lunged again himself at the man.

The criminal fired off a couple of rounds missing.

Jupiter opened his jaws and caught the mans arm. He bit down tearing into flesh. Blood seeped down the mans arm leaking into Jupiters mouth.

The criminal gasped screaming. His eyes were wide as he took the butt of his gun to Jupiters head.

Jupiter flinched as the butt of the gun made contact with his head. He still held on, growling as he continued his assault.

”Get off of me, Get off of me you lousy mutt. ” The criminal spoke while continually hitting Jupiter.

Jupiter finally released the man falling to the ground.

The criminal stood up and darted away. Only to be met with police patrolling the streets.

Two officers noticed the running man and his gun. They immediately jumped to action. ”Drop your weapon! ” The officers yelled while pointing their weapons at him.

The horrified woman went over to Jupiter. She gulped as she reached her hands out. The womans hands shook

Jupiter whimpered as his vision began fading.

”Thank you, thank you. ”She gulped and then hugged Jupiter petting him. ” I can thank you enough. ”

Tears slipped from Jupiters eyes.

The woman noticing Jupiters plight buried her head in his fur. She lifted her head as tears cascaded down her face. She screamed, ”Someone help, help him, please! ”

Jupiter closed his eyes envisioning a grassy field with Boris standing there. ”Here boy, here Jupiter. ” Jupiter began hearing Boriss old rusty voice. ”Come on get up. it ain your time. ”

Jupiter whined opening his eyes. He was trying to move.

The woman gasped covering her mouth. She moved closer to Jupiter. ”Stop don move. ”

Jupiter tried dragging himself out of the alleyway using his front paws. She doesn get it. Must go he is calling me. I will make it there. He thought before blacking out in the process.

The officers quickly placed the criminal in cuffs. An officer hearing the racket she was making went to help the woman.

She then recounted her story of how the dog saved her.

A few days later

”Once again this is Ericka Castaneda. A few days ago we learned the tragic story of a young husky name Jupiter, who not only saved his owner, but also a young woman from an unfortunate fate. Today we are at St Reeves hospital, where Jupiter and his owner are being reunited. ”

Behind the news crew Megumi was walking with Jupiter on a leash careful not to rub his bandaged thigh, chest, or head on anything.

Boris was in a wheelchair being wheeled out by one of the nurses.

Jupiter sniffed the air, smelling his owner, he yanked and pulled forward. He let loose small whines glancing over at Megumi.

Boriss face lit up, and he excitedly bounced around. ” Jupiter! ” he yelled when he saw the husky.

Megumi let go of the leash. Jupiter ran up to his owner. When he reached Boris, he jumped in the wheelchair with him.

Jupiter licked all over Boriss face.

Boris wept as he noticed the state of his dog. ”Jupiter, what happened? you big stupid mutt! ”

Megumi smiled and replied, ”Our Jupiter is a hero just like you. ”

Large tears gathered in his eyes. ”So, you fought a war did ya boy? ”

Jupiter barked happily licking Boriss face some more.

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